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If you are interested in Yoga to lose weight because that is your priority objective, I encourage you to also go through our article of Benefits of Yoga and so you can know all the positive things that Yoga can bring you. We also recommend that after reading this article you go through the website of where you can find a way to eat healthy.

We present the best exercises and Yoga poses to lose weight and tone, specific to each area of ​​your body. So you can lose weight quickly and tone, eliminating sagging. You will look better because you will really be in good shape. Try them and you will notice the results.

Introduction to Yoga to lose weight

Yoga has many postures and, depending on your goals, you can do one or the other. In Yoga to lose weight we focus on those most effective asanas to lose weight and, at the same time, tone the muscles.

When you lose a lot of fat due to a diet, your muscles are soft and your skin is flabby. That is why it is best to combine a healthy and balanced diet with Yoga exercises to lose weight that allow you to see the positive effects of weight loss, but avoiding the least aesthetically good.

Yoga postures to lose weight Abdomen

We go to Yoga poses to lose weight and start with a part of the body where the fat is very concentrated: the abdomen. Those uncomfortable michelines that harm your figure so much can be eliminated by doing specific abdominal exercises. We have chosen 2 in this article.

1. Uttapadasana

slimming yoga

It is a very good Yoga posture to lose weight, because it not only helps to lose abdominal fat, but because it strengthens and shapes the legs. We could well include it among those of “Yoga to lose weight”. Do 10 repetitions minimum, the goal is to reach 20 well done.

– Lie on your back on your WideMat, with your arms attached to your body, so your hands are brushing your thighs. Legs together and stretched. Take a deep breath.

– Slowly raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the ground, as if you were an L. When they are at the top, hold 5 seconds, keeping the air.

– Slowly lower your legs while you expel the air, for 5 seconds, rest another 5 and start again.

To enhance the effect of this Yoga Pose to lose weight, you can put your hands a little away from the body. What you get is that the arms help you less, and therefore the effort of the abdominal area is greater, and the loss of fat faster. When you look good by repeating this exercise every day, you can get your arms crossed.

To greatly enhance the effect, you can put your hands behind your head.

2. Ship's Asana

yoga to lose weight quickly

This Yoga posture to lose weight is the famous Navasana In Sanskrit, it has many variations. At the end of the explanation you will find how to make the light version, because the normal is very demanding for beginners. Even so, it would be nice if you tried the normal one first.

Normal version

– Sit with the soles of your feet resting on your WideMat, and your knees bent.

– Put your hands at your sides, resting on your WideMat, a little behind your hips.

– Lift your legs while you lean back a little. The part of the legs from the knee to the ankles must be perpendicular to the WideMat.

– Stop supporting yourself with your hands. If you see that you are in balance, try to put your arms straight towards your feet, staying perpendicular to the WideMat.

– Now stretch your legs.

If you have tried, you will find that it is very difficult for beginners. That is why we give the easy version, or light, which is still demanding and will cause you to lose fat from the abdominal part.

Beginner Version

boat posture for beginners

– Lie on your back on your WideMat. Put your arms behind your head, and raise it as much as you can. Now hold her in that position helping you with your hands. Take a deep breath.

– Keep your legs together and stretched while you raise them. The heel of your feet has to be higher than your head. Hold the air while you're in that position, for 5 seconds.

– Lower your legs and expel the air, for 5 seconds. Rest another 5 and raise your legs again.

You can get the maximum benefit of the light version of this Yoga posture to lose weight if you do not rest your feet on the WideMat when you lower them, but you rest a few centimeters from the ground (you rest because less effort is made) and you raise them again to do the next repetition. It is true that doing so is hard, so reserve it for when you have been practicing these exercises for a while.

Do 10 repetitions a day, along with between 10 and 20 of the first exercise, and you'll get a flat stomach at a dizzying speed.

Yoga poses for slimming arms

With these positions of "Yoga to lose arms" what we get is to eliminate fat, and especially toning. In the arms less fat is concentrated than in the abdomen but, even so, there is also there. The key is that with these positions fat is lost and at the same time we are preparing for the next step: toning.

1. Table Position


This Yoga posture to lose weight is very complete, because it is good for exercising arms legs, abdomen and back. It is done like this:

– Face down, on WideMat, place your hands under your shoulders. The tips of the toes have to be touching the WideMat because you will rest on them. Take a deep breath.

– Raise your body by pushing with your arms, while keeping your legs firm. The arms must be perpendicular to the floor, and the shoulders above the wrists. Thus, a straight line is formed between the head, the torso and the legs. Hold the air a little and catch it again. Repeat the latter until the end of the exercise, that is, it is not just inhale and expel. Hold the air.

Hold up between 30 seconds and one minute. If you are starting, let it be 30 seconds and perform 3 repetitions. Each week increases 5 seconds, until reaching the minute, and a repetition, until 5.

2. Vasisthasana

Vasisthasana yoga posture for beginners

This Yoga posture to lose weight is similar to the previous one, but more effective because the effort (and therefore the benefits) is concentrated on the arm below, which then changes.

– Above the WideMat, kneeling with a straight and straight back. Put your legs and feet together, and put your arms on your sides. The chin has to be perpendicular to the ground, and inspires.

– Support your hands on the WideMat, keeping your arms perpendicular to the ground. Stretch your legs, to serve as support. Hold the air

– Take your weight to the right hand and turn the body to the left. Raise your arm, keeping your legs together. Now blow out the air.

– Now play a breathing cycle of 5-10-10 (inspire-hold-expel). Try to make 2, which will be 50 seconds.

– Repeat the same operation changing the sides.

Yoga poses for slimming legs

Yoga poses to lose weight serve to burn that fat that accumulates around the hips, and strengthen and tone. They are also very good for removing the fat from the buttocks, which are also very strong. So go thinking about buying pants that will be your new size. If you do your exercises every day, of course.

1. The Tiger

Yoga to lose weight and tone your buttocks

It is one of the Yoga positions to lose weight more performed by those who want to have perfect buttocks and legs.

– Stand on your WideMat, on your knees and with your hands supported. The wrists are just below the shoulders, and the knees as open as the hip. Inhale deeply

– Slowly lift the right leg, keeping the knee bent, forming a 90º angle, until the femur reaches a line with the back. Hold the air for 5 seconds while keeping your leg up.

– Slowly lower your leg while maintaining that same position, and start again.

Do 10 repetitions with each leg, if you are starting, and go up until you reach 20.

2. The Goddess

utkata konasana

This posture could not be missing in Yoga to lose weight because it is also super effective to show off the perfect legs

– Standing up, spread your legs a lot. Put your arms at your sides and bend your elbows and put them at shoulder height. Turn your hands so that the palms are on the side closest to your head. Inhale deeply.

– Keeping your feet where they are, turn your ankles out. Now bend your knees to lower the body as close to the WideMat, slowly, while exhaling. Keep your head straight.

– Complete 3 breathing cycles 5-10-10.

WideMat Yoga Weight Loss Collection

Thanks to the number of requests to talk about Yoga to lose weight that we have received in our email we have decided to create the WideMat Yoga Collection to lose weight:

Yoga for slimming abs: with the best Yoga positions to lose weight and reduce fat in this area. They are specific exercises for the abdomen.

Yoga to lose weight Arms: with the best Yoga positions to lose weight and tone arms. They are specific exercises for the arms.

Yoga for slimming legs: with the best Yoga positions to lose weight and tone your legs. As in the other cases, they are specific exercises for the legs.

Estimated time to do these Yoga poses to lose weight

Next we tell you the estimated time to do these Yoga poses to lose weight. Keep in mind that it may be better if you are reading the exercises before doing them. We must end with the Savasana, usual posture at the end of the Yoga sessions.

In a week or so, you will have already internalized and memorized how they are made. In addition, you can do the minimum number of repetitions, and from there go up a little, as you feel better, which is recommended.

– In abdominal exercises: 8 minutes

– In the arm exercises: 5 minutes

– In the leg exercises: 12 minutes

– Savasana: 5 minutes.

Minimum time: 30 minutes.

The number of calories spent depends on your current weight. If you want to know how many calories you burn with a brief session of Yoga to lose weight, enter our Calorie calculator.

We have a pdf guide of yoga for weight loss totally free.

Download the yoga guide to lose weight in pdf

Download the free guide here

I hope you take advantage of this Yoga article to lose weight and tone quickly and put the exercises into practice. You will check that You can burn a lot of fat, and tone your muscles. Please comment and share in Facebook, Twitter Y Pinterest! Thank you! Namaste.

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