There are many types of professionals who use WordPress and SEO that monetize with niches and microniches are some of them. There are many who are starting in the web positioning and they want to know if themes like Orbital Theme (, by Romuald Fons, will help them position themselves better. In fact, if you search this question on Google, one of the ones that appear in the top positions is this one.

East WordPress theme It was created to offer a series of very specific characteristics of a kind of Information architecture how is the Silo architecture. It is a subject in which it is very easy to create clusters leading to pillar pages, of which the specific entries that feed the long tail keywords dependent on the main keyword hang.

If you do not understand very well how this works, I invite you to visit the demo of this topic and to see the tutorial that Romu himself did to explain the concept of Silo architecture.

Scheme explaining silo architecture in SEO

Is it necessary to use a WordPress theme optimized for SEO?

Well, like everything in this life, it depends. I personally do not think so, SEO you do with the information architecture, with your content, with the links that you get to or attract to your website. But beware, with this I do not mean that you should not use such a theme. When you dedicate yourself to micronichos, you need optimize time to the fullest, and Orbital Theme is a very good alternative to make niche websites with a specific structure like churros. Is easy to set up both from the point of view of aspect and when creating the structuring of the contents.

But do I have a free alternative?

Yes, you can create this kind of niche pages for free by using a plugin to create photo galleries with links from the images and properly configuring the permanent links of your website showing the categories in the URL and eliminating with your SEO plugin (Yoast, Rank Math or the one you use) the word Category in the URL. This is explained by Romu in the tutorial that I have left before.

And is it worth doing this way?

Value it yourself, if you master WordPress, it may be worth it. If what you want is to make websites like churros, even though you master WordPress, it is not worth it.

Cons of using optimized SEO themes

If you have read other articles on my blog, you will know that I do not recommend using themes that include functionalities. I prefer to use basic and well constructed themes such as Genesis or GeneratePress to give appearance to the web and then add the features with plugins, so you can replace them if they stop working properly.

But of course, this is for my clients or for my own projects, but to create niches, it is worth launching them with this type of theme (at least some of them). Obviously I would not use all the projects with this type of subject, it is always convenient to experiment.


I have heard opinions of all kinds, since SEO optimized topics like Orbital Theme are useless until they are vital to monetize. I don't believe either, I prefer to experiment (as long as I don't get too expensive, in case I am wrong). Precisely because I have seen projects with these issues that are monetizing very well and others that have crashed from the beginning.

Obviously, in the end, as I said before, SEO is done by you when entering a type of competition, when choosing the structure of your website, when selecting keywords and, of course, when writing your content and looking for sources of links for the web.

Test, experiment and draw your own conclusions, that is what I have definitely decided to do, and that is why I have tried topics of this type, which help me to speed up the process of creating new websites with a very specific structure and characteristics.

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