Wooden shutters

wooden shutters

The wooden shutter has managed to remain among the accessories of the home despite its traditional and classic bearing.

On the other hand, it has also received the new technology with a good face knowing how to adapt to more technical and sophisticated accessories than the old ones such as PVC stops, special cords, as in the case of Alicante or motors that allow them to be governed remotely.

Parallel to these advances is the varnish and coatings industry, an inseparable companion of wood blinds and a completely necessary part due to the durability they provide.

The online store persianasenrollables.org that manufactures them, knows it very well and tries to ensure that all the processes, treatments and components of its rolling shutters are of the highest level of effectiveness when it comes to providing outdoor resistance to its products for windows

Alicante wooden shutters

But you should also keep in mind that wood roller blinds at persianasenrollables.org, they represent an excellent protective filter for doors, in many cases directly exposed to the weather in entrances, passages to other dependencies like patios, or in porches to put some examples that are widely represented by the Alicante.

Precisely to the Alicante wooden blinds corresponds popularity and popularity for generations in the architecture and interior design of the Mediterranean culture, reaching the point of becoming an icon of the image on the facades of almost all the countries of its continental area

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At first, the wooden shutters were only made of pine slats. Over time they were manufactured and diversified in their raw material and other types of carpentry, which led to the protagonism of harder lamas obtained from other trees such as oak, walnut or poplar.

Nowadays they also have a great diversity of variants that perfectly version them (even in the aspect of their surface) and that are normally composed of plastics, and other petroleum derivatives processed and converted into exact replicas of those old rollers.

In persianasenrollables.org you will find a wide catalog with the best models, a splendid color chart with natural variants and all the quality you should demand when buying roller blinds.

It is essential that you take into account that these are complements for windows that must have resistance to sunlight, instability of the weather and continuous use both manual and mechanical and therefore their quality must be certified.

Persianasenrollables.org has all the products in its splendid catalog with the appropriate quality certificates.

Alicante wooden blinds are, therefore, one of the best solutions to which you have a choice during the summer season. They will avoid the intense heat in a natural way allowing the passage to the air and the fresh breeze to the dependencies of your home helping you also save energy.

Interior wood blinds

Wooden blinds are also very present accessories inside the rooms, offices and offices, since we talk about a material that properly treated projects naturalness, elegance and professionalism.

In any case, and if you are looking for rolling wooden shutters that can be installed inside, you also have the option of those that are custom made, work and are rolling with upper receiving box.

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In the catalog of persianasenrollables.org you can find all the types that exist, both for interiors and for exterior wood blinds.

For example, the so-called «mat type» are eminently for interior and very effective when preserving from the sun's rays and above all, easy to install thanks to the lightness of its structure.

Venetian wooden blinds

But returning to the Venetian wooden blinds, it must be recognized that its use is increasingly widespread; mainly in offices and offices that want to project an image of distinction over others. In law firms, for example, they are very much in demand.

And not only because of its aesthetic presence, we also talk about a type of wooden blinds whose wide and soft slats are very easy to clean.

By its dynamics of collection and extension you already know that this type of Wooden shutter It is not roll-up, however it also conveys a sense of order in both positions, another of the great advantages that offices and offices see in them.

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