»Why it is important to process CODEM

In this article you will know the importance of carrying out the procedure to obtain the Registration Voucher of the social works which serves to carry out numerous types of procedures and present it to the organizations that require it.

What is CODEM and how can it be processed?

All relevant information on how to remove the codem is available on the following official page

CODEM is the abbreviation for "Proof of Registration." This is a certificate issued by ANSES in which the Social Work is specified to which the holder (employee, monotributista, retired, etc.) is making health contributions. It also has the information of the family group that it is in charge of. The health coverage is for the holder as well as for all the members of his family that he has in his charge as the spouse or cohabitation, the unmarried children under 21 years of age or up to 25 years of age who are studying. Also for children with disabilities, in the latter case without age limit.

It can be obtained through the Services Highway on the ANSES website to avoid, in this way, attending the delegations of the Agency. Only the number of DU, DNI, CUIL or CUIT is needed and the system will indicate the Social Work that each individual owns.

The process of this Voucher of Enrollment is carried out very simply both online and in person at any ANSES office in the town of the interested party.

On the official website you can obtain a detailed tutorial with illustrative images of all the necessary steps to complete the process online.

When should I complete the procedure?

The modification of the Registration Voucher (CODEM) is carried out when:

  • The worker in a dependency relationship modifies his job category and corresponds to a social work of a different nature. To do this you must consult the Social Works enabled and the documentation to be presented in each case.
  • When the worker decides to change Social Work for being Management Personnel and Professional Associations of Businessmen. For each case, it will be necessary to verify the necessary domumentation to be presented on the official ANSES website.
    When the worker wishes to modify his family group in charge in the social work.

Why is it important to complete the procedure?

This certificate is of the utmost importance to verify that the contributions of the workers, whether they are in a dependency relationship or are monotributistas, pensioners, pensioners or beneficiaries of any unemployment benefit, are effectively derived in the corresponding Social Work.

The CODEM is necessary to carry out a large number of procedures related to the health services that people must access, for example it is the proof requested by PAMI and other social works for all those who wish to join, and to verify that they contribute of a worker in dependency relationship, monotributista, pensioner, pensioner or beneficiary of an Unemployment Benefit, are effectively derived in the corresponding social work. For this reason it is important to carry out this procedure!

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