Why do I now manage my subscriber list with Mailrelay?

There are several aspects that we need to optimize to improve the flow of visits and conversion on our website. Two that could be highlighted are the correct management of communities in social networks and the effective administration of a list of subscribers by email.

For the second aspect it is necessary to find an option that allows us to maintain continuous contact with those who enjoy our content. The mailing tools allow us to achieve this by arriving directly at your mailbox.

And in this post I would like to tell you a little about the transition I made last month to Mailrelay.

From RSS to e-mail newsletters

More than five years ago I passed my blog from a space in Blogger to a hosting with own WordPress installation and I wanted to have more versatility in communicating with my subscribers. I had been using FeedBurner for new articles to reach their mailboxes, but I also wished I could send newsletters without necessarily posting on the blog.

Then I decided to use MailChimp, because at the time of finding it it was one of the most popular options and it fit for the moment what I had sought.

A better Ñ-friendly option

I know that at this moment MailChimp and other options have partially improved in the aspects that I will mention. But two years ago the picture was different, so I started looking for alternatives.

Two aspects were important to me, native support in Spanish along the platform and being aligned to the latest EU privacy demands, which is very important despite living in another region.

I tried Mailrelay

In an unexpected way I met Mailrelay and while I was testing it I realized that It could be the alternative I was looking for, considering the aspects that I mentioned before and that has very good characteristics.

I only find two cons, and from what I know the Mailrelay team is working on it:

  • Lack of mobile application, because we are at a time when the administration on-the-go It is the trend and the standard.
  • Web interface more friendly, on the PC there is not so much difficulty, but it is not possible to view the statistics if you tablet or smartphone It does not support Flash.

Beyond that, Mailrelay really has the best proposal for the free account, because it includes everything. You do not pay for additional functions.

Mailrelay features

Below I detail what you can find:

  • Free all-in-one account (includes 15,000 monthly submissions for 3,000 subscribers, with the option to upgrade to 75,000 emails and 15,000 subscribers)
  • Whithout ads
  • Expansion of limits with economic prices.
  • Technical support in Spanish, Portuguese or English
  • Simple HTML editor
  • Free Templates
  • Subscription Forms
  • Scheduled Shipping
  • Autoresponders
  • Programming API
  • Certifying Entities
  • Auto Bounce Control
  • Automatic casualty management
  • Advanced statistics
  • High performance SMTP server
  • Own IPs
  • RSS automatic submission
  • Dynamism with Google Analytics
  • Sync plugins
  • Statistics on SMTP shipments
  • Advanced Subscriber Filter
  • A / B tests

In November 2018 I migrated 100%

I began to slowly migrate my list of subscribers from MailChimp to Mailrelay, and I must say that it was not difficult at all. I integrated the subscription forms on my sites, so that information is no longer added to MailChimp but directly to my lists in Mailrelay.

I kept sending items automatically with MailChimp and started sending newsletters with MailRelay, so that the transition won't impact me much.

And finally, In November 2018 I migrated completely to Mailrelay, and deactivate my MailChimp shipments. At the moment I manage with Mailrelay the automatic sending of articles thanks to the RSS integration, in addition to the bulletins and follow-up messages.

How am I doing now?

I am really happy with the experience provided by Mailrelay, both for the features that it integrates, as for the current shipping quota that I have in my account, which is great!

Thank you for letting me contact you about this transition and I hope I can help you improve contact with your subscribers.

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Greetings and blessings,

Jonathan Ricardo Proaño Alcívar

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