Why consult a tarotist without a cabinet

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But first of all, what is a cabinet?

In the 80s, the teleshopping industry arises, and the tarot marketing phenomenon appears by phone, soon the esoteric magazines are filled with special lines where to consult the tarot, and many tarotists previously unpopular they become as famous as TV presenters.

What is behind all this, a cabinet, a few years ago, were formed by tarotists They had good knowledge of tarot and experience.

But today everything is business, so companies that sell special pricing phones (903, 906 etc.) create call centers where there is a group of people with little or no preparation to answer the phone.

And how do they do it?

Well, with computer programs and CRM, which give them a play of cards and an interpretation, so that when you call, a person attends to you in many cases who has no idea of ​​tarot or who only has a job to answer the phone (not all, there is honesty)

In addition, your circulation on which your emotions and expectations depend is fictitious, because it is made by a computer game!


What can you do?

Call a tarotista no cabinet, why? it's simple, a tarotista professional, it is formed for years, when it connects with the cards and not with a computer game, it is possible that both for the tarotista without cabinet as for the person who consults begin to feel energies around him, since the tarot is magic.

What differences are there between a cabinet and a tarotist without a cabinet?

He tarotista without cabinet, it connects with the essence, interprets it not only on the basis of the letters but on the basis of the energy it is feeling on the part of the person who consults, so that your query is interpreted from a more mystical side, more Magical and therefore more authentic.

He tarotista Without a cabinet, the motorcycle is not going to sell you, because when you connect with you empathize with everything you feel at that moment, try to help and guide you to a more positive state.

A tarotista Without a cabinet, it is not available 24 hours, so it is ideal, because it recharges its energy for when it does its sessions, to really connect, it is vocation, not its work unlike the telemarketers of cabinets of tarot.

When you talk to him tarotista Without a cabinet, it reminds you of what you have shared, while the cabinet in many cases, points your name and reason for the call as one more customer, in other cases or that.

When you call a cabinet, the same person does not always attend you, because it is their job and they have schedules, but to be able to bill your call, they usually have shifts where there are people 24 h.

The cabinets try to make you spend a lot of time on the phone, because in this way you will be billed more money, you are only a customer, like the one who enters McDonals.

A cabinet does not have a confidentiality agreement on your data, or what you are talking about, and you and I know that many times they are very personal things, something that in the corridors of some cabinets are the talk or ridicule of certain immature telemarketers.

Our opinion

We recommend that you always look for the authentic, that your doubts are clarified by an experienced professional, that you can put a face on it and do it in a real way, that it has the ability to connect with the mystical and thus give you a magical answer.

Remember that the cabinets are interested in your money, the longer you are on the phone, the more money they bill.

We wish you the best and remember a Tarotista Without Cabinet, it is not 24h, and its treatment is really special towards you.

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