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Windows and Office

Without doubt the best known and used operating system in the world, the truth is that Microsoft Windows is also one of the most attacked by malware and malicious subjects. Maybe that's why it is done it is essential to always keep the devices well updated and protected, something that is not possible one hundred percent if we do not use an official license.

However, a huge percentage of PCs worldwide use Microsoft Office without activating or with pirated licenses, so many are left without support for updates becoming a potential danger for the spread of viruses and all kinds of malware.

But don't panic, because if you have a pirated license and what you want is install your official Windows or Microsoft Office license, thanks to Goodoffer24 you will be able to get it at a price you can't imagine in the form of an official CD Key, without expensive disbursements and without leaving home.

And do not hesitate, because discounts of this level they do not imply that there is a trap or cardboard but Goodoffer24 puts at our disposal official single use keys for both individual software and complete packages.

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How much do licenses cost, and how can I buy them?

Forever you will find promotions and offers In the Goodoffer24 store, you can even find temporary coupons like the ones presented by Andro4all's colleagues a few days ago, and what we don't doubt is that The price of the main Microsoft software will be more than attractive:

• Windows 10 Pro Professional CD-KEY (32/64 BIT)> € 12.83 € 115.59
• Windows 10 Pro Professional CD-KEY (32/64 Bit) (2 PCs)> € 21.99 € 46.99
• Microsoft Office 2016 PRO Professional Plus CD-KEY (1 PC)> € 31.79 € 399.00
• Windows 10 PRO + OFFICE 2016 PRO –BUNDLE> € 37.99 € 39.99
• Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus for a single device> € 19.99 € 79.99
• Windows 10 Home OEM CD-KEY (32/64 Bit)> € 13.39 € 82.79
• Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus CD-KEY (1PC)> € 59.99 € 579.00
• Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Pro – BUNDLE> € 64.99 € 694.00

A platform, that of Goodoffer24, very reliable and constantly growing, being already leader in distribution of CD Keys both in software and in video games and offering not only the best prices, but also immediate delivery and technical support in case of problems.

It should be remembered that the license is indeed a single use, so once the software is installed you cannot take it to another PC and you will need a new CD Key, but this is something that you will surely be willing to pay given the huge discounts. Further, the keys are completely legal, official, and are installed by downloading the software from Microsoft's own repositories.

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The purchase process is as simple as going to the Goodoffer24 online store, looking for the software or video game we want and add it to the basket the same way we would in any other store In Internet.

Once this is done we can open our shopping cart to enter a discount code If we had it, or finalize the purchase directly. Notably it is necessary to register on the platform with a valid email account, because in this same email address you will receive both the license and the installation instructions.

Once the purchase process is completed and the payment validated, which by the way can be done through PayPal for added security, you will receive in your email immediately everything you need to download the software and install it correctly, so check the folder of SPAM In case your server classified it as such.

And remember, that Goodoffer24 itself puts at your disposal direct technical support at the address ‘Info@goodoffer24.com’, with which you can contact in case of any problem both in the purchase process and during the installation of the software.

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