When it comes to serving your customer, don't say it!

Datanlisis conducted a study on Benchmarking of Service Quality in Venezuela, this analysis revealed that more than 50% of Venezuelans believe that the quality of service in the country is "regular" and more than 17% consider it "bad or very bad "

These figures make it clear that we are facing a critical situation in the area of ​​customer service. And surely you will be thinking that it is not necessary to carry out Surveys to realize this problem, nothing more with going out and entering a business we can show it.

Every year this situation is getting worse and many times as clients we find ourselves excusing the person in charge of not giving us good attention for the current situation of the country, "because surely that boy or girl has not been able to sleep well", "the light went out at home ”,“ the salary he earns does not reach him and that is why he treats me that way ”.

But the truth is that things do not have to be this way, although it is true that this situation has not been easy for any of the Venezuelans, it is also true that a kind smile can change anyone's day and can make a process of more pleasant sale.

I want to leave you here some tips that I am going to divide between the things you should NEVER say to your client and those good practices that you must feed to build customer loyalty with your brand.

  1. "You are the first person to complain about our service, nothing like this has ever happened to us." With this phrase you are telling your client that he is a capricious and that your company or venture is never wrong. A complaint is always an opportunity for improvement, even a great opportunity to build customer loyalty and win others with your reference.
  1. "Could you repeat your name and what is the problem?" You are telling your client that the first 10 minutes of the conversation you were not paying even the slightest attention. A simple way to remember your client's name is to repeat it immediately after he has said it and you can paraphrase the concern or problem he is presenting to make sure you understood exactly what he raised.
  1. Say personal things to your customers. There is no way that what I am going to tell you next sounds beautiful, but it is the reality: your client is NOT interested in your personal life. Phrases like, "Excuse me, I was late for traffic, I had to go looking for my son at school, I'm getting divorced and you know how that is and blah blah blah …" NO!
  1. "They are company policies." It is good, indispensable and even professional that your company or enterprise has policies, however, when you say this to the client you let him know that you can do nothing more for him. Instead of remembering these policies, look for a solution, there is always one, the client will thank you and not forget it. Over there they say that the only thing that has no solution in life is death, so fewer policies and more solutions.
  1. "We are closing" or "We attend until 5:00 pm." Nothing more unpleasant for a customer to be bounced from a place. Unless your product or service is the only one in the market, you immediately lose the customer and with it, according to statistics, you are going 10 more customers. You lose nothing with spending a few more minutes to offer excellent service to your client and that he is completely satisfied.

  1. Listen carefully to your client. Learn his name, listen to his real needs and offer the product or service that best suits him. I recommend that you make a database of your clients and fill it with data such as their birthday, anniversaries, children's birthdays. All these details can be used in your sales process at a low cost and with direct implications on your numbers.
  1. Take the response time into account. Either in a business with a physical or digital presence, the response time must be quick. Currently customers do not want to waste time going to a link that redirects to another to find a phone number and ask you a price. Make life easy for your client.
  1. Explain the processes step by step. No matter how many times you have to repeat them, the important thing is that your client is satisfied. Always do it in a kind way, do not show fatigue by repeating them. Remember that the clearer the process is, the less complaints you will have at the end.
  1. Consider your personal image as part of the service. They say the first impression is the one that counts, and this is very true in terms of customer service. Our image is the face of the company or enterprise. So always take care of your image and customers will talk about that wonderful first impression.
  1. Offer a plus! The sales process does not have to end when you receive the payment and deliver the product or service. Consider something extra in your process, it does not have to be something physical, it can be to bring the product to the place where the customer is, send a detail on his birthday, a digital thank you card for the negotiation. There are many ideas you can consider to leave your client positively impacted by receiving an extra that was not expected.

I hope these tips are useful for your business and remember that The customer is not always right, but it is the reason for our business.

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