New watches presented, others that have been in the market for some time but … which one do we need to make the best purchase?

First of all, thank the reader for having come to my blog to try to solve their doubt, a question that is being asked of us all right now, What Garmin watch should I buy in this 2019?, of course in case I am thinking of acquiring a new gadget, and this is what I will try to solve in this article.

I take this opportunity to say that there are many watches in the market, in this article I am going to focus on garmin (Now I explain why) and in his “high and medium range", And eye with the new middle ranges … then you will read …

I focus on Garmin because in my opinion I think that right now it is well above the rest of brands, although it is true that at this beginning of the year other manufacturers such as Polar are taking a great leap with their new releases, but personally Garmin is still above at the moment I write this article.

Let's start …

I put you in the background.

Until a few months ago Garmin had clearly decided to segment their watches according to the type of sport, that is to say, in a watch of the Forerunner family in which you could perfectly follow mountain routes through GPX files they eliminated and “complicated” those base functions in favor of another family the Phoenix in which it was done very easily.

Among them we share metrics, sensors, etc … but they decided to take this measure and you could no longer have a true all-terrain.

Following the announcement of the new Garmin Forerunner 945 (a model clearly intended for triathlon as a sport) it turns out that this has changed and I was very surprised to pass this decision on our behalf.

Garmin 910xt
Garmin 910XT

I was a Happy holder of a Garmin 910XT with which I could do absolutely everything, until they decided to complicate my life with the theme of the tracks, I had to go through the hoop and acquire a Garmin 735XT, the truth is that I also felt like it because I had many things, the iQ connect apps with which I could put Wikiloc and use it as a mountain watch but with limitations since having removed the barometric sensor, the unevenness in real time was impossible to know with certainty, so training mountain with it complicated my life.

They also decided to shorten the battery life leaving it in 16 hours with what for many ultras I could not stand, so since I was not going to practice triathlon at the moment I changed it (taking advantage of one of my offers) for a Garmin Fenix ​​5, and This, if he promised and continues to promise, it is the clock I use today.

Garmin Fenix ​​5
Garmin Fenix ​​5

At those moments the Phoenix 5 had it all, it is true that for swimming it is heavy but well they are more personal tastes, but come on you can do a triathlon perfectly with him, like an ultra mountain without any problem and if we want “more” we have the top range, the Phoenix 5X with brutal autonomy and also with full color maps and pulse oximeter etc., although its price personally unpayable.

So happier than a boy with new shoes, I started squeezing my Fenix ​​5 until surprisingly we were announced by the Fenix ​​“Plus” family.

garmin fenix 5 plus family

This Plus gave me that it should have been the brand new Fenix ​​6 for the amount of new things it incorporated, – I couldn't believe it -, full color maps in all its versions (no longer in the highest range), Garmin Pay NFC payments, Spotify to avoid having to depend on a mobile phone to carry the music … I don't know about you but you are my little things Despite not being new to the market, having them in our usual watch is a pass and I love it and more when today these devices we must wear them 24/7 hours a day if we want to take advantage of 100% with the system monitoring

I am a capricious person I will not deny it and I love to bring gadgets that give me all kinds of numbers and statistics especially because I know that I will take advantage of them and having a watch like this has made me forget to buy an Apple Watch or similar simply because I measure with one or the other and I prefer Garmin for the dump of data to his community and because my group of friends and colleagues of fatigue are within Garmin Connect and Strava and this for me … is a good plus.

As you will see, I am focusing on high and medium range watches and I will do so in this article as I said at the beginning, not for nothing, but because I prefer to buy a watch "good" That offers me everything and not rush to save some money and then want or need to cover other needs.

It is true that there are much cheaper ranges, but that fall short in benefits and with what I like the sport and I enjoy with it this is like my "investment".

This article is not intended for the unusual athlete who runs a couple of times a week and / or does some fitness in the gym, I think that profile is more for devices such as Apple Watch or Samsung Watch that integrate everything of the day to day in a very nice plan but that sportively fall short (Do not think to run more than 4 hours with a clock of these because you do not get the battery or crazy) and then they don't offer relevant data for our workouts that make us improve beyond the pulsations, kilometers and speed …

Of course forget about scheduling workouts, analyze them properly and others because they do not, so your "customer" is a person who likes to move and little else, obviously not for us.

However, I leave you a video that I made some time ago, precisely where I compare sports watch, smartwach and activity bracelet, for whom each product is and what can we expect from it.

What watch should I buy in 2019

After the tochazo that I have put in background we go a little more to the point.

To date May 2019 We have the following watches already on the market. (I discard the new MARQ for its price as well as other very specific models such as Quantix and Instinct).

* Amazon / Wiggle prices May 2019.

Well, I am going to focus on these models and obviously some like the Fenix ​​3 I discard it, because I consider that its sale price of the units that are still there is unjustified with respect to any of the new ones, because the main characteristic that we observe is the incorporation of functions and metrics that were previously reserved for the high ranges in these units intended for a lower price, which makes them very interesting.

We will analyze how we can order this pupurri of watches, prices and options because I can assure you that mixing these things is very good for Garmin.

I will not go into very specific details of each watch except some things that I consider justifiable in its price, to see specific details you can go to other specialized websites like Eduardo's where he explains it in a great way and with an amazing level of detail or DC Rain Maker who does some analysis to take off his hat that… in the language of Shakespeare.

And what do I buy?

Well here is the heart and the kit of the matter. If we want to save money we have to be very specific with the sport that we know we want to practice, as we like the – social roll – and the "practice" and "comfortable" that we want to make our lives … surprising, right ?. I explain.

All new models of high and medium range have suffered very considerable hardware changes, among them to highlight the new sony chip which has greatly improved autonomy when we use GPS, and they all incorporate the GLONASS satellite system and the garmin elevate 3 sensor with improved pulse and pulse oximeter measurement.

garmin sensor elevate 3 fr 45
Garmin Elevate sensor on FR45

In all we can schedule our workouts and send them to the calendar, until 45 we have a cycling profile, monitoring etc … so what a dilemma we are facing right now.

To summarize and see the price differences between the most interesting devices until the Garmin Fenix ​​6 I believe that we can opt for the following options… after all it is the "summary" that you have been looking for in this article.

Grouping the models.

I am going to make a kind of relationship between “old” and “new” by price and then each one depending on what I think I need to buy accordingly, but the most interesting options for my price range are the following:

Garmin 45 vs Garmin Vivoactive 3 / Music

For its price € 199 vs € 190 we could match them perfectly.

It is clear that the differences in hardware are substantial but if we still need to have options like Garmin Pay, Barometer and more sports profiles we must go for him Vivoactive 3, because they are functions that still greatly improving the Garmin 45, you don't have them.

If we also want Spotify and our music for € 40 more we will find the version Vivoactive 3 Music at € 240, well below the next interesting version of the watch that would be the Garmin 245 Music (+ € 109).

Garmin 245 Music vs Garmin Fenix ​​5 / 5s

Although nothing was impossible this comparison between the 235 and a Phoenix 5 , now with the new exit of Garmin 245 Music It is more than feasible.

The 245 is a Garmin Fenix ​​5 without a barometer and without multisport, with many new options such as:

  • Pulse oximeter.
  • Sony GPS sensor (24h in gps / sec).
  • Fall detector and warns.
  • Music.
  • Much lighter.

So as you will see, the latter is not a bad option. –Eye– that if we want it focus on mountain and pay the same price I recommend the Phoenix 5 for the theme of the barometer (very important in trail running) but on the contrary we will lose everything else and then we have to look at the following range to have it “everything”.

If yours is the Triathlon if or if you will have to make the jump to the Garmin 945 or against going for a 735XT that are still at a good price in the market unless you find an offer on 935XT.

Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus vs Garmin 945

Right now and at the expense of presenting the Garmin Fenix ​​6 and knowing what new features it will incorporate we have this option If what we want is to have an SUV.

Because Garmin seems to have been "forgotten" of segmentation in these ranges, the new Garmin 945 For those of us who want it all, I think it's the best option.

We have everything from Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus in the same price line but with hardware news such as:

  • New Sony GPS chipset with autonomy of up to 36 hours in GPS / 1 second.
  • Warning in case of fall.
  • Pulse oximeter (only available on Fenix ​​5 Plus X).
  • Improved performance metrics that adapt based on heat and altitude.
  • ClimPro function intended for the Edge cycling range.
  • Much lighter but against plastic appearance.


Of course I have it clear, and if I had YES or YES to buy a watch right now, it would be the Garmin 945, for the level of what I am used to and need is the ideal for my day to day, fulfilling things like NFC payments, Music (I go all day with Spotify, but it helps me a lot not to have to take my cell phone with music when I run), monitoring, sleep and breaks during the 24/7, advanced metrics, autonomy of 36 hours for when you do ultras (1 a year falls safe), and lightness in addition to that I love its aesthetics.

Garmin 945
Garmin Forerunner 945.

In addition and although they do not say it, I am sure that it is compatible for the control of external devices such as the lights of the bike helmet (I carry a FLARE RT bontrager) and I control its operation with my current Fenix ​​5 so I suppose this will do it too.

Maps in Garmin 945

I have to confess that I've been behind some Phoenix 5 Plus for some time (because of roll of color maps, I am passionate about this world of getting my tracks, marking my waypoints, wasting hours in the basecamp with the topohispania to plan things …) and almost when I am determined and I saw that the descent to € 550 seemed correct for the change, they take me out This cucumber that has the same plus an extra of good things and even almost identical price € 599.

What can we expect for the rest of the year.

There always has to be a but … What about the Phoenix 6?, seeing that 945 can be used in all kinds of activities and has everything…. it's easy to ask the question … What will Garmin surprise us with in his Fenix ​​6?, because the only thing I can conclude almost certainly is that it will be a 945 internally but “Beautiful dress” , that is to say, safe steel bezel and maybe it is even probable that they will take it out at the same price with what I then have even clearer, because of its lightness and aesthetics with equal performance I opt for the Garmin 945 even if it is made of plastic.

Gossips – They talk about the possibility of incorporating a monthly or annual subscription system in which we are permanently located by private satellites, a system similar to that offered by the company dotvision motion when we rent a beacon in ultras or same system that they use in races like the Euphoria dels Cims to have all participants located.

Operation of the real-time tracking system.
Operation of the real-time tracking system.

Just for that and if you receive a price increase I personally would not buy it, I would continue to opt for the Garmin 945 but … seeing the current smart watches and just for asking there another fundamental and obligatory thing in all mountain ultras … the mobile phone.

E-sim in Garmin Fenix ​​6?

Don't you think it might be interesting to have e-sim on the clock?. If you add to this incredible autonomy then … you can make it very interesting just for this function.

Whatever it is and seen its expected presentation after summer (sources say), those who are not in a hurry because your watch still has a rope and you can endure, I think it is a good time to see how the market evolves.

Those of you who are clear that you are not looking so hard to shuffle the options discussed above depending on the budget you have.

I hope this article has helped you and of course I have not messed you up even more, because it is not my intention.

I would like to read / listen to your opinion in the comments and of course not before you ask me, I will make another article with other brands of the market such as Suunto and Polar in this 2019.

I leave the video about this article.

Thanks for reading to the end.


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