We review all the news of iOS 13.3

We already have the latest version of the Operating System available for iPhone or iPad. What news are we going to find in iOS 13.3 and in its twin brother iPadOS 13.3?

Apple has just released today the latest update of its Operating Systems for its mobile devices. A iOS 13.3 that reaches our iPhone from the hand of his twin iPadOS 13.3 and that promises a series of improvements and innovations, including the management of Use time, a new security in Safari and much more.

And it is not just an advertising claim, because this version is really loaded with outstanding things that we will review with all of you while you connect your device to the network and download the software.

As we advanced in the headline, Use time now includes new parental controls that will allow us set more communication limitations that children can establish, like who can you call by phone or via Facetime or also to whom they send a message. The contact list for children allows parents to manage the contacts displayed on their children's devices.

The security of Safari it is augmented with the new browser compatibility with FIDO2 security keys via NFC, USB and Lightning.

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Among the improvements, iOS 13.3 allows to create a new clip video by shortening one in Photos, fix problems in Mail that could prevent downloading of the new messages and addresses a problem that asked in turn to delete messages in accounts Gmail, as well as another problem that could cause incorrect characters to be displayed in messages sent from accounts Exchange.

Resolves a problem that could cause the cursor to not move after holding down the space bar for an extended period of time. It also addresses a problem that could cause screen shots to be blurred when sent via Messages, as well as another problem that caused when cropping screenshots or using Dial, the capture obtained was not automatically stored in Photos.

Fixes a problem that voice memo recordings could not be shared with others apps audio, another that caused the missed calls indicator of the Phone does not disappear or the mobile data appears disconnected by mistake. Finally fix a problem that prevented deactivating the Dark Mode when the smart inversion function was turned off, as well as another error that could cause some wireless chargers to charge more slowly than expected.

And that is what they offer us iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 Have they already been downloaded? Well, now it's just a matter of installing it and enjoying first-hand everything we've just shown you.

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