Vito tools. Creative DIY Whorkshop.

Making a creative DIY Whorkshop with Vito tools is synonymous with sure success.

When you do a live DIY workshop, you always have many nerves that everything goes well, that you have all the necessary tools and that you are not missing anything. And of course that this time when working with Vito and its more than 16,000 references if something was clear is that tools were not going to be missing! But what I didn't know is that they were going to become my brand of header tools! Vito is vital!

The Vito tools They have directly conquered me

Everything you might need… .. they have it! and also having had the great luck of being in Portugal, in his Central Lobao Showroom, I have been able to know everything first hand, I have been able to try many of them and that part you already know that I love it !!

I am delighted with the neighboring Country, its hospitality, and this piece of brand that has conquered me!

And as I always say, when you embark on a DIY project, one of the most important things for a successful execution of the project, is to have the right tools, and of good quality to ensure that our project is completed with the expected results!

Then there will be the skill of each one, that if you are newbies it will cost you a little more, but do not despair! that you will acquire over time, but I assure you that without the right tool everything is much more difficult.

So keep in mind that it is important to make a small investment and get a basic DIY Toolkit to start, but within that Basic Kit, you must bet on a trustworthy brand such as Vito.

For me one of the star tools that should always be in a house is the drill, since with it you can create many DIY from 0, like the one we did in the workshop, and also do a thousand things at home like holes to hang pictures, etc.

Inside the drills there are a thousand types, but if you want to start in the brico and do not want to fill yourself with tools, I advise you to take one like this drill that I used for the workshop, since it has enough power and is very versatile to cover many of projects, in this case it is also a hammer drill, that will help us to drill any type of surface no matter how hard it is, and if in this case it does not weigh much and you can handle it without wires, it is already the pear!

Being able to have the necessary tools, will be the first step to be able to carry out your project, the next one will be to determine all the other materials, and once you have everything you will only be left step by step to work!

To make this Diy planter we have needed materials such as wood, screws, varnish, rods and ribbons … but as I know you want to know everything, I leave in this link the sketch where I explain materials, measurements and how it is done.

Step by step we are building our Diy planter, and once built, the decoration is where everyone will exploit their creativity to the fullest!

Because the good thing about doing things ourselves is that we don't have to limit ourselves, and we can customize everything we do to our liking!

It will not be as perfect as factory outlet, but what do you want me to tell you … for me that is the charm of handmade!

Take this opportunity to also leave you a small video of the Whorkshop!

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