The Greenway of Sierra Nevada is located in the Genil Valley as it passes by Güéjar Sierra, with its 1.65 kilometers is a linear path suitable for all ages and any time of the year, which allows us to know the history of the Sierra Nevada Tram; a great project that tried to unite the city of Granada with the top of the Mulhacén, but that did not get to finish (luckily). If you want to know the history of the Sierra Nevada Tram, click here.

This path is ideal to know the area and its history, as well as the Star Trail, the latter is made through the upper head area of ​​the Genil Valley and is not suitable for all ages and / or physical conditions. Thus, the Greenway of Sierra Nevada is the ideal option for those who still cannot carry out, for one reason or another, the Sidewalk of the Star; since the natural environment is similar.

This Greenway has been executed by the Municipality of Güéjar Sierra. There are two options to do it: from the Place “La Fabriquilla”, located next to the tail of the reservoir of Canales, towards the Maitena Station or vice versa. In both starting points there is parking, restaurants and swimming areas (in summer the swimsuit is essential).

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<p style=In our case, we do it from Maitena Station to La Fabriquilla. The old station has been restored and turned into a restaurant, starting there for us is very special, so it represents the construction and because just under the bridge of the image two rivers join: Genil and Maitena.


The path begins when you cross the terrace of the restaurant (tip, if you want to eat here at the end, reserve a table when you go through its facilities; everything is delicious and in cherry season there are very special dishes with this ingredient). Just start you hear the sound of life, water, and you find it on the road.

Along the route there are several explanatory panels of the history of this place; we will walk on a tram bridge, under a tunnel and we will be able to observe a piece of the route.

But the best of this route is its comfort and tranquility, in addition to the sound of water and vegetation that you can observe, ideal companions to enjoy a walk with good company.


At the end of the trail you can eat and refresh yourself in the restaurants that are in the starting points, the best its bathing areas. Do everything without hurry and observing every detail, this place charges you the batteries.

By the way, although it is not necessary, we remember it, we are in a natural space and the only thing that should remain in our path are the footprints of our boots on the road, nothing more. If we take care of it as it deserves, surely many people will be able to enjoy what is left of the Sierra Nevada Greenway.

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