Uponor Heating rate and catalog for 2017

Introducing the new Rate for July 2017 of the Uponor brand. It will enter into force on July 1, 2017.

Uponor has become over the years an international leading company of systems and solutions for the supply of drinking water, Invisible air conditioning (radiant solutions) of low energy consumption and systems for the civil works segment.

For all those consumers who don't know her, We are facing a company that offers solutions for a wide variety of construction markets, including the residential, commercial, industrial and civil works segment. Uponor has a team of about 3,900 employees in 30 countries, mainly in Europe and North America.

Uponor pipes. Prices and spare parts.

Uponor stands out for its great versatility in all its products. They offer integral solutions to many professionals from different sectors. Within its catalog for 2017 we find suitable multilayer pipes and fittings for maximum flexibility and adaptability in any building typology.

All the pipes that Uponor manufactures are perfectly designed for plumbing and heating installations by radiators. As if that were not enough, all its plumbing systems comply with the most demanding hygiene standards.

Uponor floor heating. Installation.

If Uponor is known worldwide for something, it is for its underfloor heating systems. And is that The brand provides solutions for air conditioning by underfloor heating in new construction or renovation. It is perfectly demonstrated that underfloor air conditioning systems improve the quality of the environment.

This provides some advantages such as the elimination of the need to clean the dirt accumulated in the radiators and pipes seen as well as stains on walls due to hot air. No dust is generated and therefore there is no movement of it so those people, affected by allergies enjoy a clean environment.

The heat, provided by the Uponor radiant air conditioning systems, acts directly on the body, without the need to previously heat the air in the room, so that a greater degree of comfort is achieved but with an ambient temperature approximately 2 ºC lower in Comparison with other systems. The effect of cold head and hot feet so beneficial to health is achieved.

New Uponor Thermostat: Smatrix Style

Uponor thermostat

The reliable and proven range of systems Uponor Smatrix for radiant heating and cooling control It has just grown with an extra-flat and elegant thermostat that meets the most stringent design and technology requirements. The new Uponor Smatrix Style design thermostat with operating temperature sensor elegantly optimizes the environment of the room, increases comfort and reduces energy costs.

The operating temperature sensors offer the highest precision when measuring indoor weather. They capture the radiant and air temperature and, therefore, allow a more accurate measurement of thermal comfort. This technology is included in the thermostat and the Smatrix Style sensor.

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