We are already at the doors of Christmas and we want to bring you a very easy Christmas cookie recipe so you can do with the children.

The fun thing about making this type of cookies is that we can buy molds of all kinds simulating Christmas trees, snowmen and even unicorns, so the kids will have a great time.

For this we need the following ingredients:

125 gr of matequilla

125 gr sugar

1/4 kg of flour

1 egg and one yolk

Peel of an orange

Edible ornaments to decorate (chocolate balls, colored shavings, melted chocolate…).

To start we have to beat the butter, which we have first softened in the microwave, with the egg, the flour, the egg and the yolk.

Little by little we are adding the flour but still beating, and finally the orange zest.

With this we will get a dough that we have to stretch and leave in the fridge for about 2 hours.

After this time we cut the figurines with the pasta cutters and bake them at 180º until they begin to be golden brown at the corners.

Finally we decorate them to our liking and voila!

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