If there is someone who has disengaged in the 20th century in the Balkan area, that is the Yugoslav exdictor, Tito. Dominated with an iron hand the former Yugoslavia for some 40 years.

She lived obsessed with security, constantly "threatened" by all parties. Since Tito presided over the association of non-alienated countries, under the pretext of the cold War, juggled to please all parties: the West, the Soviet Union and ethnic groups within the Balkans, such as Albanians …

This led him to build a series of bunkers and "rings" of defense throughout Yugoslavia. For example, there is the great Zejlava air base, of which we have already spoken to you in this link.

Underground bunker tunnel

Underground bunker tunnel

But the jewel in the crown is the mega-bunker that Tito had built near the city of Konjic, 50 kilometers north of Mostar. We visit it, and we tell you in detail how our visit was.

The ARK D-0 bunker

The bunker was built between 1953 and 1979, and the total budget is estimated to be about 5,000 million dollars, which to the current change, gives a whopping x billions. One totally exorbitant cost for the budget of the former Yugoslavia….

Electric bunker generator

Electric bunker generator

The bunker was designed so that 350 people (300 employees + 50 people from the political leadership) could endure self-sufficient for at least 6 months. Although really, it was never tested, since it was never used. In fact, there is no official record that Tito visited her, but of course, you have to keep in mind that the bunker It was kept secret until 1992, when the former Yugoslavia disintegrated.

The interior is Awesome. He has absolutely everything in mind to survive. A huge reservoir of drinking water, an underground access to river water, three power plants with their respective oil deposits …

The comunication and strategic planning It is paramount in a building like this. That's why the bunker has direct and coded communication with the rest of the Yugoslav bunkers.

Planning and communications

Planning and communications

There are two rooms for conferences, telephone rooms … there were even two rooms with typewriters, connected to a fax, and in which through a complex system of decoding, the messages were transcribed.

As for the “habitable” zone, there are rooms for all the bunker tenants. But of course, there are always differences. The employees would stay in common rooms and with bunk beds, while the high positions, in more or less comfortable. The "jewel in the crown" is Tito's room, with double bed, private bathroom, waiting room …

How to visit the bunker

The bunker is now open to the public. The guided tour (in English), and lasts about an hour.

Tito's room, the best in the bunker

Tito's room, the best in the bunker

About the quality of the visit, we cannot be very partial, since we had a weird day". We arrived at the criticism, there was the occasional disregard of the organization, and we arrived at the guided tour when it had already begun. They are usually small groups, since, despite the spectacular underground building, there is not much tourism. Admission plus the guided tour costs € 10 (20 frames).

Getting there can be complicated. In fact, Google Maps “messed us up” and we ended up on the wrong side of the river.

Typewriters and message transcription

Typewriters and message transcription

The bunker is near the city of Konjic, to Stockings between Mostar and Sarajevo, so if you plan to visit both cities, it is a good stop to make. Once in Konjic, you have to go to the restaurant and rafting center “Travel Konjic Rafting Restaurant" There you can buy the tickets, or go directly by the road that leaves the restaurant that reaches the bunker, and buy the entrance there.

There are signs that indicate the direction to the bunker, but just in case, we leave you below a map of the location of the restaurant and the bunker itself.

We hope you find it useful if you are planning a visit to the bunker. If you have not already done so, we invite you to go through our detailed tour guide for Bosnia.

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Visit an authentic bunker from the former Yugoslavia: The Tito ARK D-0 bunker

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