The price of light does nothing but rise. Because of this, it is very important to take certain measures to reduce our spending as much as possible. There are many actions that we can carry out. Throughout our article, we will explain some tips that we can perform so that our pocket suffers as little as possible.

Ventilate the house first thing in the morning

When it comes to ventilating the house, do it first thing in the morning or at night. It is when the air is cooler. In this way we will prevent heat from entering our home.

Take advantage of sunlight

In summer, the days are very long, which we must take advantage of to get more out of the sun's hours. In this way, we will avoid having to turn on lights that will only increase our electricity bill.

Renew appliances

It is advisable to change older appliances, since these consume much more electricity than today. It is recommended that home appliances have the seal of energy efficiency: A, A +, A ++ or A +++.

Choose the right place for air conditioning

In the case of installing air conditioning, place it in areas that are well ventilated and that are not exposed to sunlight. This is so, because if the device heats up, you will need to spend much more to cool the area.

Adjust the air conditioning temperature

If our goal is to save electricity and, therefore, money, the ideal temperature to which the air must always be is of 26 ° C .

Clean the air filters

For better air conditioning performance, it is important to clean the filters to remove all dust that may accumulate. This reduces the consumption of electricity. Perform this type of cleaning periodically.

Correctly insulate the house

It is of little use to carry out all the previous advice if we do not have the house well insulated. Therefore, the best is place flashing or gaskets both doors and windows to prevent air leaks.

Check the bulbs

In the case of having to use artificial light, it is advisable to use energy-saving light bulbs or LEDs. Thanks to them, spending will be reduced by 80%.

Check the contracted power

Depending on how big our home is and the number of appliances that we only use at the same time, we must have a contracted or other power.

A electric power 4.6 kW is ideal for a medium-sized home that has neither air conditioning nor electric heating as well as other appliances. On the other hand, a power of 5.75 kW is advisable for a medium-large house or if you want to have many appliances at once. If the house is large and makes use of many appliances, the recommended contracted power is 6.9 kW.

Check the electricity rate

We can find two modes of electricity: A and DHA. The first one means that the price of light will be the same throughout the day. If we have a DHA rate, we will have two periods: the valley and the tip, each with a different price.

The peak period, corresponds in winter to the hours between 12h-22h in front of the summer that goes from 13h to 23h. On the other hand, we found the valley period, this being cheaper and with a schedule in winter from 10pm to 12pm and in summer from 11pm to 1pm. Therefore, we can consider the option of having a rate with hourly discrimination if we make more electricity expenditure in the valley period than at the point.

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