Tips to Adapt to Paddle in Summer

In Spain, saying the word summer is synonymous with relaxation and heat; That is why many people, especially young people, use this time to play paddle in summer; which makes it a challenge for his physical condition, due to the atmospheric conditions and the sun.

Paddle in Summer

Tips for Playing Paddle in Summer

Stay Away from Sunrays

Being exposed to the sun's rays directly affects the physical performance of the players; That is why they should avoid the central hours of the day. Specialists in this sport recommend doing it first thing in the morning, between 08.00 and 10.00 a.m., or late in the afternoon, that is, after 08.00 p.m.

Likewise, you must take into account the region in which you are; since humidity or altitude can also influence game performance and your health. However, in summer, Padel becomes faster and more dizzying.

Avoid leaving your shovel exposed to solar rays for a long time

Just as your body decomposes when exposed to sunlight, the same happens with your shovel; since the materials with which it is designed, such as the rubber or inner core, are materials that deteriorate over time, and even more when exposed to the sun.

In this sense, We recommend you not to leave the shovel in the trunk of the car, and protect it in a thermal sleeve or paletero.

Other Items You Should Keep in Summer

The shoes what do you use to play paddle are affected by heat, more when the heat is excessive, causing the game to vary; even the balls and the material with which the track is made Paddle are also affected by heat in summer.

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