These are the future plans of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp according to Mark Zuckerberg

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When we talk about services on the network, some of the social networks that are so important in our daily lives always come to mind. They help us to communicate with people from all over the world, to know the latest news (although unfortunately not all of them are true), to express our way of thinking as freely as we want or can. And of course, one of the names we always mention in this category is Facebook.

Facebook has had great growth over the past decade, not only in its social network of the same name but also in other platforms, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. However, Mark Zuckerberg recalled that they still have a lot to do to continue maintaining their relevance in the world. Specifically, according to Andro4All, the company now will aim to connect local communities, all with a greater respect for privacy, something that they have lacked in recent years.

In addition, as far as WhatsApp and Instagram are concerned, the two platforms will continue to improve without implementing paid subscriptions to their services. Leaving aside the price we already paid for its use with our data, both applications continue to receive news such as payments between people or WhatsApp Business, the specialized version for companies. It is precisely this last service that could provide benefits to the company for acting as an intermediary.

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At the moment, the Zuckerberg company remains in the spotlight of the whole world, not only for the continuous disasters in terms of privacy that it has starred in recent years, but also for its attempt to merge Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct . Anyway, 2020 should be a really good year for the company, although they will have to show that they have a real intention to change. And they will have to work hard.

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