They are eccentric, creative and extreme. The strangest and most original themed hotels in the world. 1 – ICE HOTEL (CANADA) The “HÔTEL DE GLACE” is located in Quebec, Canada, and is made entirely of ice and snow. In itself construction is a work of art. All furniture, including lamps, is sculpted on ice. It has themed suites, lounges, lobby, cinema, chapel and a famous ice bar: the Absolut. Also known as ICE HOTEL, it is a large ice palace make its appeal something unforgettable and authentic.

Called by many, an architectural jewel, which is several degrees below zero. With its 3,000 m2 of surface, this luxurious and eccentric hotel, requires 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice for its construction and maintenance, which is done for 5 weeks every time it starts to melt. Therefore there are certain seasons in which the hotel is closed. There is already another similar hotel that is six igloos: Igloo-Hotel Grandvalira.

Address: 9530 Rue de la Faune, Québec City, QC G1G 5H9, Canada
Telephone: +1 877-505-0423


2.- Alcatraz, Hotel prison – Germany

Strange hotel concept. The rooms have a toilet next to a narrow bed. The hotel is surrounded by barbed wires and steel bars in the small windows. The guest is given a striped pajamas. The Alcatraz Hotel, in Kaiserslautern, Germany, was built in what was a prison many years ago. Those who want to feel what it feels like to be in prison, maybe they can get an idea, for $ 70 a night.

Address: Morlauterer Str. 1, 67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Telephone: +49 631 4140400


3.- Hotel under the sea – Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort It is one of the thematic hotels with the most original location in the world: 20 meters underwater. At the moment it is the only underwater hotel, and we say at the moment, since there is another underwater hotel project: Qingdao Hydropalace, in China, anchored to the Yellow Sea. But back to Poseidon: it opened in 2010 and has glass walls, fishbowl style, so you can enjoy wildlife and a splendid natural view at the bottom of the sea, in the Fiji Islands.

It also has a submarine to explore the depths of water and submersibles that guests can pilot. It has 220 suites. Staying in this spectacular place costs approximately 30 thousand dollars. It has 6 restaurants and 7 bars, library, conference room, a chapel and a spa. To access this water paradise is done through an elevator at the end of a pier, so it is not necessary to dive.



The Hotel is on a Jumbo 747 – 200 plane and is located at the gates of Stockholm International Airport, Sweden. It is a two-story passenger plane. It has 25 rooms of different categories, with space for three beds each; They have private bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi, television and view of the airport runways. It should be noted that the master suite is what the cabin was.

It has a cafeteria on the second floor. There is another hotel-plane that we can refer to: The “Manuel Antonio” hotel in Costa Rica, which has a double room built inside a 1965 Boeing 727 of the Avianca airline.

Address: Jumbovägen 4, 190 47 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8 593 604 00


5.-The sand hotel (A hotel that took the sea)

It is no longer there, but due to its originality, it could not be missing from this list, even if it belongs to the past. A curious hotel with a lot of oxygen circulation, it was the HOTEL DE ARENA in the city of Weymouth, in Dorset, England. In 2008, a group of four sculptors worked for a week to build the world's first hotel made entirely of sand; certainly an achievement that should be in the guiness records. The accommodation costs $ 20 a night. Points in favor: the originality and the sea breeze, although if there were wind or cold, we assume you would not stand for more than two nights … Points against: the hotel does not have bathrooms or ceilings. It is a large castle gift style of the renaissance of sand in the middle of the beach. More than a thousand tons of sand were used. The beds are completely sand. This hotel is intended for eccentric audiences who might like to breach in sand…

6.- Hamster Villa (France)

Hamster Villa France

This hotel is the only one on the entire planet, where you can live like a hamster. It has a large wheel to exercise like these animals do when they become pets. There are hay beds and rice grain buffet served in bowls. Visitors can dress up as a hamster upon arrival at the reception.

7.- Capsule Hotels – Japan Capsule Inn

The rooms are actually cubicles or capsules that are just over 2 meters long by one meter wide and another meter high; a place obviously not recommended for claustrophobes. There are already several similar hotels in that country. They were created thinking of businessmen who spend little time there, outside of work, travel a lot and they just need a bed and a television; It is just a place to spend the night. In these niches where they usually have wi-fi, the proximity to the neighbors means that there is no privacy. The night costs around 25 euros a night.

8.- Hotel in caves – Turkey

In Cappadocia, Turkey you will find several hotels in caves, buildings such as underground cities. Some of them are: Hotel Elkep Evi, Cappadocia Hotel Cave, Gamirasu Cave and Yunak Evelri; We will talk about these last two: they are built on caves excavated in the 5th and 6th centuries, which 13 centuries later would become a Greek mansion.

The Yunak, one of the most prestigious themed hotels in the world, has 27 rooms decorated with classic and elegant Turkish style. While the Gamirasu Cave Hotel are 7 old houses with 18 rooms, some of the rooms were cells of Christian monks that were inhabited for thousands of years. It has many amenities. It opened in 1999 and its restored Byzantine monastic style, typical of the Ayvali Village area, is one of the attractions.

9.- Floating Hotel – Sweden

In this Scandinavian country there is a hotel that takes advantage of the ocean; This is the Salt & Sill hotel, or "floating hotel."

It is a giant boat located in the town of Klädesholmen, in the municipality of Tjörn Island. With 46 rooms and a modern and avant-garde design.

10.- Hotel in pipes – Austria

Here, you can see the Danube river from the drainage pipe… The Drain Pipes Hotel in Austria is in two giant cement pipes, located in the grass of a park in front of this river. There are only 3 rooms built on top of a garden and built with large recycled concrete blocks.

Staying at this hotel costs what you want to donate for the creative project. The hotel is open from May to October. Reservations are made from their website.

11.- Magic Mountain Hotel (Chile)

This magical hotel is located in the middle of the forest and has the conical shape of a mountain, surrounded by a waterfall. It is a hotel surrounded by nature.

You can go hunting or fishing to the nature reserve of Hulio Hulio. The name of the hotel is based on an ancient legend that speaks of a magical mountain that grants wishes and grants miracles. A calm and natural environment to enjoy.

12.- Motel Wigwam (United States)

This hotel is located on Route 66 in Arizona and will make you feel like you are in an Indian movie. Its rooms are Indian shops with cable TV and air conditioning. Simple but striking thematic, which many will find fun.

13.- Luna Salada (Bolivia)

It is located near the Salar de Uyuni, a Bolivian salt desert. It is the only hotel in the world that is built entirely of salt (including furniture). In rainy seasons it usually closes, and this serves to maintain and rebuild the parts that are damaged by water.

Address: 7 km from Colchani., Uyuni, Bolivia
Telephone: +591 2 2770885

14.- Survival themed hotels

Survival Pod Hotel Survival

The Survival Pod Hotel has orange capsules anchored in a lake in The Hague, Holland. They cost between 100 and 200 dollars a night. Small spaces with sleeping bags.

15.- Crater Hotel, Ecuador

Relatively close to Quito, this hotel – spa is located on the Pululahua volcano, asleep for more than 2,500 years. It has a spectacular view of the crater, and you can go inside it.

Address: Pululahua, Quito 170150, Ecuador
Telephone: +593 2-239-8132

16.- Hotel Sala Silvermine, Sweden

This hotel is underground in a mine 155 meters deep; It was remodeled and converted into a hotel. The nearest bathroom is 50 meters away and to bathe… you have to get to the surface.

Address: Drottning Christinas väg, 733 36 Sala, Sweden
Telephone: +46 224 67 72 60

17.- Casablanca Hotel, in New York

It has 48 rooms, Moroccan decoration and a coffee: Rickys, refers to the 1942 movie "Casablanca" starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

Address: 147 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036, United States
Telephone: +1 212-869-1212

18.- Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, in Germany

It has 31 rooms and each one has a different theme. From a castle to a museum. In this hotel, everything is possible.

Address: Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58, 10709 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 30 8919016

19.- Ariau Towers Hotel, from Brazil

It is located on the top of the Amazon rainforest and also has rooms, apartments and passageways to connect. Something like Lost …

ariau amazon towers

Address: Av. Leonardo Malcher, 699 – Centro, Manaus – AM, 69010-180, Brazil
Telephone: +55 95 4404-8022

20.- Library Hotel, in New York

It is located very close to the New York Public Library. It has 60 rooms. This thematic hotel has a collection of 6 thousand books.

Address: 299 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States
Telephone: +1 212-983-4500

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