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The championships will be held in Italy, during the first week of September, specifically from 1 to 7, in their Three specialties. The championships will begin with the SkyMarathon Ultra Magician in the Lombard region, departing in Zorzone and arriving in Serina and that will have a distance of 50 km and 5,000 meters of positive slope. A test marked and defined in pure style skyrunning, of great beauty and where the runners will undoubtedly use their skills.

A few days later and in the Piedmont region, the shortest test, the KV, will take place on September 5 Vertical Terme di Bognanco with its 3.4 km distance and 1,100 m positive for this fast and strenuous test. Finally, to close the program on the 7th, the Sky test will be held, with the International Veia SkyRace with a route of 31km and 2,600 m of positive slope. With departure from Domossosola, the race has a very versatile terrain, with points of passage in the highest peaks of the area reaching summits of more than 2,400 meters of altitude.

One week, three major competitions and these three new continental games titles that will crown some new European champions and champions both individually, combined level, as well as at the level of selections.

Ultra test

  • Ester Casajuana (FEEC)
  • Sandra Sevillano (EMF-FVM)
  • Eric Moya (FEEC)
  • Alfredo Gil (FEMECV)
  • Manuel Merillas (FDMESCYL)

Vertical Kilometer Test

  • Gisela Carrión (FEEC)
  • Silvia Lara (FAM Andalusia)
  • Mireia Pons (FEEC)
  • Daniel Osanz (FAM Aragon)
  • Antonio Mayor (FMM)

Sky test

  • Ainhoa ​​Sanz (EMF-FVM)
  • Azara García (FCDME)
  • Gisela Carrión (FEEC)
  • Mireia Pons (FEEC)
  • Zaid Ait Malek (FEEC)
  • Alejandro Forcades (FBM)
  • Daniel Osanz (FAM Aragon)
  • Borja Fernández (FCDME)

A selection bet, which will be defined by the youth of many of its runners and that is already are consolidating with great results both nationally and internationally showing great talent; as with the experience that many of them treasure that already know what it is to run at a high level and finally, defined by runners of great technicality that perform very well in areas of high difficulty, all this attached to the illusion and motivation what Each one of them has shown to represent the national team and can again play a good role as in the previous European Championship two years ago.

Continuing the sports project defined for this 2019 season, the runners will attend the pre-European rally to celebrate the weekend of August 9 to 11 in Brañagallones in a natural setting of great scenic beauty, such as the Natural Park of Redes, already in dates close to This official competition of great importance 2019.

Technicians will attend these Championships: Rogelio Macías as head of CXM area and youth coach, Xavier Sant (medical area), Fernando Rosa (physiotherapist), Pat soler (area of communication) and Nuria Dominguez (responsible for the absolute selection).

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