The second season of The House of Flowers on October 18 on Netflix

The second season of The house of flowers opens on Netflix worldwide on October 18, 2019. The Mora family returns with many more thorns.

The second season of The House of Flowers on Netflix

The series features the performances of Cecilia Suarez (Paulina de la Mora), Aislinn Derbez (Elena de la Mora), Darío Yazbek (Julian de la Mora), Arturo Ríos (Ernesto de la Mora), Juan Pablo Medina (Diego), Luis de la Rosa (Bruno) Paco León (María José), and joining the cast in the second season are Mariana Trevino (Jenny Quetzal), Maria Leon (Purification), Eduardo Rosa (Alejo), Loreto Peralta (Rosita), Flavio Medina (Simon), Anabel Ferreira (Celeste), and the special collaboration of Eduardo Casanova.

The executive producers of the series are Rafael Ley, Stacy Perskie, María José Córdova, Mariana Arredondo Y Manolo Caro, from Noc Noc Cinema. The house of flowers is produced by Carlos Taibo and written by Alexandro Aldrete, Hipatia Argüero, Mara Vargas, Gabriel Nuncio Y Manolo Caro.

What is the second season of La Casa de Las Flores?

After the unexpected death of the matriarch Virginia de La Mora, the family is falling apart. Paulina, who now lives in Madrid with María José and her son Bruno, is forced to return to Mexico when she finds out that her mother's will has been challenged.

Upon his return, Paulina finds her house worse than ever: her father Ernesto has joined a sect of pseudo-spiritual success; her sister Elena is experiencing an identity crisis as a result of her last love relationships; Julian has found a new and peculiar work that will only bring him more problems.

Without leaving aside the search for his coveted revenge against Diego, who escaped with the family's money, Paulina feels the responsibility of rescuing her family and recovering "The House of Flowers", but is unable to see what What is really endangering is the home that has decided to recreate next to María José.




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