WHO and the Ministry of Health They do not recommend that children under 2 years of age be exposed to screens. However, from these ages there are numerous cartoon series that can be very educational. The most important thing is to invite them to discover and venture, To encourage your imagination and learn about the environment.

Pocoyo plastic dolls with Elly and Pato

How to choose good cartoons

To identify good drawings suitable for your children we recommend some tips. The most important is the language, many children learn words with the series and it is convenient that they are not of the inadequate ones. The same with behaviors, which promote values ​​about life. That stimulate a lot of friendship, respect, empathy or teamwork.

Another great point is that combine and integrate different beings, for example animals and humans. And especially those that do not have violent physical, psychological or emotional content. Especially those who do not promote gender stereotypes.

The series that we count below meet all these requirements, so you can rest easy. But when in doubt check them out or see the opinions on forums of fathers and mothers.

Educational cartoon series for children

Juan and Tolola

These two brothers They teach children to reflect. Juan is older and will help his sister discover the world. The advice given both will make your child learn more about respect and empathy.

In English they are called Charlie & Lola. The series always shows great family respect and for all its textures and colors it attracts the attention of children.

Child touching a person dressed as Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

This is one of the most beloved programs for the children The story where he involves his family and friends is filled with usual anecdotes in the lives of children. In addition, every time the problems are solved everything develops in different positive values.


Your intro is known worldwide, I'm sure you're already remembering the main song. His stories full of imagination and inventions They will encourage your children to create their own adventures. In addition, Caillou will interact with other relatives such as her parents, her sister or her grandparents.


This Spanish series is a success among the younger children. Among the recommended age are children under four years. Its colors and shapes become hypnotic.

Based on the adventures of the protagonist who is in a children's school, so children can feel identified. In addition, all his games with his friends Pato and Elly will make him discover his world.

Backyardigans play


This group of animal friends although humanized enter thousand imaginative stories. All of them from the garden of your home, will travel to fantasy places, create impossible adventures and all with many positive values. Although in this case it is for children something older than 2 years.

They also introduce many new features of their usual world, make them part of the plot and have fun with the original songs of each chapter.

Curious George

This series of stories is very old, they were written by Hans Augusto and Margret Rey. The adventures of this little monkey They will hook your children. Many chapters are easily found on video platforms and can be a great option for learn english.

Dr. toys

Doc is a 6 year old girl who can talk to her toys. Thanks to all your medical instruments you can cure them, Know your problems and learn about empathy. It also focuses a lot on responsibility and emotions.

It is ideal for children to start expressing what they feel. further break gender stereotypes and teach the little ones that they can become what they want.

Dora the Explorer costume saluting

Dora the explorer

It's a classic, your adventures through natural spaces, the relationship with animals and other characters They will be fundamental in learning. Combine the english and spanish so that your children take a step from children.

Thanks to the map you will travel to thousands of places and be ideal for them develop concerns. It also involves children a lot because it asks them direct questions that they must easily solve.

Little einsteins

This amazing group of children will travel in your spaceship to the furthest places. The concept through missions will be the basis of the story, dedicated to solving problems or saving your friends, to foster friendship. This is another program that can help you improve your English.

The Shaun Sheep

This animal character is very intelligent and always solve your problems without violence. Willing to play and have fun will entertain your little ones. He never lets himself be overwhelmed by other characters and all his adventures revolve around Natural spaces.

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