The City Council of Berja has provided the Local Police with a new patrol vehicle that is incorporated into the mobile fleet that has the security body and is composed of two scooter motorcycles, three vans and an SUV.

The vehicle is a Dacia Dokker van that has been delivered by the Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta de Andalucía to Andalusian municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants and that the virgitano consistory has adapted for the Local Police.

The mayor of Berja, José Carlos Lupión, stressed that the commitment of the government team "is to improve the working conditions of professionals who provide their services in the local police, and especially in terms of road and citizen safety". In this sense, the mayor said that with this new municipal endowment "a significant step forward is taken and the mobile park of the Local Police continues to be renewed."

The virgitano consistory has also called for oppositions to cover six places for the Local Police, five of these places will be by free shift with opposition process, included in the 2018 public employment offer of the locality and the other square, belonging to the offer Public employment this year 2019, will be covered by mobility shift without promotion, through the merit contest selection procedure. In total there are 71 candidates that make up the list of admitted and 87 have been excluded, so that a total of 158 people submitted their application to participate in these competitions.

Berja City Council has recently made investments for the Local Police, in May bulletproof vests, anti-theft covers, laser, exceptional signaling, tetrapods and lights for signaling accidents and controls were acquired for the entire staff. A portable automatic defibrillator (DEA) has also been incorporated into the Police to deal immediately with cases of heart attack or cardiopulmonary arrest.