The electronic cigarette is the preferred means to quit smoking

leave the tobacco vaping
leave the tobacco vaping

Vaping has become very fashionable in Spain in recent years and there seems to be no way to stop it. We see hundreds of electronic cigarette stores and brands like Vapo already have three stores in Madrid alone. Many media have published negative information about this sector, but is the so-called "vaping" really so bad? We have to ask ourselves, that if traditional tobacco contains more than 4000 toxic substances and vaping does not contain practically any of these elements, in addition to that a few years ago a medical study came out endorsed by the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom where they stated that The electronic cigarette is at least 95% less harmful than tobacco, so when we constantly read the bad press about this sector, we become a little suspicious. That is, if so many people are getting quit with this product and it turns out to be 95% less harmful than smoking, is it really fair that we have to read negative press about something that theoretically could save millions of lives?

Life is full of contradictions and today it seems that we cannot trust anything or anyone, so it is when we have to rely, in part, on our common sense. We know that there are financial interests of everything that moves masses in the market and this is dangerous. One day they tell us that we have to drink at least one glass of milk a day and suddenly the milk is bad. Sugar has always been promoted as a good thing in small quantities, but now there are endless documentaries that scream "stop drinking sugar now!" Who tells the truth? With what vaping respects, it is more than proven how deadly tobacco becomes, yes or yes. So, if we have to choose, or continue smoking, or try this alternative that has not caused any death for now, despite having millions of users, it is obviously not difficult to think that the smartest thing would be to try to quit tobacco with electronic cigarette, with the goal of leaving everything at the end since there is nothing healthier than breathing pure oxygen.

A few years ago they had to close hundreds of electronic cigarette stores throughout Spain due to misinformation about the sector. Now it seems they are opening again and doing well. Hopefully this will continue and that there is no attempt to prohibit or criticize something that is helping millions of people around the world. We are free to choose as long as we do not harm anyone and when talking about health, then, as long as the tobacco is still sold freely and has millions of people hooked, it would be reasonable not to mess with our health to the point of getting Hard to get this alternative product. If you keep messing with Vaping, it is as if you are telling us that if we want to vacuum something, then let it be tobacco. Well, no, don't take us for fools.

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