The deadliest Egyptian warriors in history

The Egyptians were not particularly known for being possessors of numerous armies as did those of other civilizations; nevertheless, they were cradle of extraordinary warriors of history, which allowed them to expand their dominions of constant form. At the time of the construction of the pyramids, Egypt did not have a permanent army or professional soldiers, it was rather non-voluntary soldiers who had to go to the ranks whenever they were called by the Pharaoh on duty, when the empire was attacked or when an expedition was required.

With the passage of time, military campaigns really began that allowed military training to evolve to the point of being able to carry out complex tactics and strategies, under the strategic direction of warriors that were sometimes the same pharaohs.

Thutmose III

Known as the warrior who never lost any battle, Thutmose III He was also the greatest pharaoh of Egypt, responsible for forging a great empire during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. Once he rose to power, he undertook a fight to the death against Syrians and Canaanites, in addition to expanding maritime and commercial routes to limits never reached, conquests that have allowed him to be known as the "Egyptian Napoleon." He was one of the brightest military leaders in history and his strategies included the implementation of new technologies that would ensure victory during the races. A magnificent strategist who secured 54 years of history without internal conflicts and an unprecedented imperial expansion.

Egyptian warriors


Known for being the youngest pharaoh in Egyptian history, Tutankhamen He has been a mythical and enigmatic character. Named Pharaoh at the young age of 9, he was able to restore stability to Egypt after a political-religious revolution implanted by the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten. According to the archaeological evidence found in the Temple of Luxor, a scene has been rebuilt in which the pharaoh boy is also the warrior protagonist of a fierce battle that could have cost him his life, this, supported by the review of the damage that was they got in their mummified body, which reveal fractured ribs, damage to the rib cage, sternum and knees.

Egyptian warriors


Known as the pharaoh who managed to unify Egypt, some details have been revealed about war events in which this warrior pharaoh was the protagonist. In a cosmetic palette that was used to apply powders on the face, Narmer He appears inspecting a battlefield where two rows of beheaded victims can be observed. Under this engraving, you can also see the warrior pharaoh, transfigured as a robust bull with huge horns that crush the enemy, a clear sign that Narmer brought more than one under his war power. His name has been found in different ceramics located in the territory of Israel and Palestine, which is evidence that he was a prodigious warrior who managed to dominate the bordering territories in the east.

Most deadly Egyptian warriors

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