»The common pit of Benacazón brings to light the first remnants of reprisals

The work is hard but it starts to bear fruit.

SBN. The team that works in the opening works of the common grave of the cemetery of Benacazón (Seville) has found today the first bone remains, although at the moment they are "scattered remains", which is still working to locate the bodies of people buried in the area.

The first remains found They have already been saved to match them with those who continue to meet, although the work will continue next Monday.

The same sources remember that It is a “craft” work, Since everything has to be done with hand tools, because the place of the cemetery where the pit is located is not accessible to heavy machinery, which joins the fact that the intense heat makes it very difficult to work.

It is a pit andn the one that is documented that there are several buried neighbors of the municipality shot in 1936, including the former mayor of the municipality José Ortiz Garrido.

Works they started after a research project in which documents have been analyzed that certify the existence of burials of reprisals in the cemetery of the municipality.

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