The City Council will intensify collaboration with the agri-food sector in Herencia

During the visit to the new facilities of the Almazarera La Encarnación en Herencia the mayor of the town stressed that collaboration with the agri-food sector will be intensified.

A meeting with the Governing Council of Montes Norte, in which the general director of the cooperative group José Luis Amores, the Councilor for Rural Development Gabriel Carrero and the Councilor for Economic Promotion José Manuel Bolaños Viso have also been present.

visit the incarnation heritage incarnation 4 - The City Council will intensify collaboration with the agri-food sector in Herencia

The visit, has served to know the new facilities in which for a few months, working at full capacity, achieving a more versatile space and offering many more possibilities to the more than 650 members that the cooperative has.

As explained by the president of the oil mill Manuel José Díaz-Pacheco, the transfer to the outskirts of the town has allowed the group to increase the collection territory, achieving an annual production of more than 650,000 kilograms of oil in the picual varieties and cornicabra.

In addition, the expansion of the new facilities has allowed us to offer a greater range of services to the partner such as the collection of cereal and nuts. The new space also has a warehouse, and an agricultural supply and food store. “This activity pursues a triple objective, that the farmer finds in the cooperative everything he needs for the exploitation, that reduces his costs and that a benefit is generated for the cooperative, which will also have an impact on the partners and the environment. We make our facilities available to the community, to be a meeting point that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, concerns, agricultural and cultural experiences. The cooperative is not only of all the members, the cooperative is of the whole town, that is why we want to share everything we do and we are open to all the initiatives that are proposed to us. ”

For his part, the mayor, expressed his satisfaction for the good investment made by the group, with significant help from the regional government, and that reflects with great fidelity the collaboration between administrations and the cooperative sector, “a good job that translates into progress and economic growth for the locality and from which all the inheritance and inheritance will benefit ”.

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