The cell ~ Choose your own adventure ~

Recently I saw on Netflix the new of Black mirror. Enjoy of Bandersnatch for an hour and a little but it reminded me that in his day I also created a "choose your own adventure" like those of yesteryear. So I immersed myself in the trunk of memories until I found "The cell", a story in which you, person on the other side of the screen, are the protagonist. You are in a cell and you must escape from a supernatural captor. You can? Will you die along the way? SPOILER NOTICE: There is more than one way to survive, as well as a surprise ending.

© LorenaS.Gimeno
Cover design and correction: Lorena S. Gimeno
Kind: story, mystery, fantasy, terror
Written on: August 2015

To enjoy this "choose your own adventure" I recommend you download the document and view it full screen on your computer. Because I tried it online and it is not displayed correctly.

The cell, Lorena S. Gimeno

I must also add that this story cannot be enjoyed in its printed form because at no time do I indicate the page number. Decisions are links that automatically take you to the next page.

By last, remember to enjoy and do not be obfuscated. Think about the decisions you make and find a way to escape from the cell and the strange place where you have been locked.

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