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soundtracksHow many movies do you remember for your soundtrack?

Isn't it something fascinating that there are many productions that are remembered thanks to their music?

For example, let's go to one of the last major international productions.

Thor: Ragnarok a great movie with a better BSO.

The thor's songs they touch perfection when we watch the movie, and they are an indispensable part of this blockbuster.

In fact, I could not imagine this movie without its spectacular BSO.

Really and if you analyze it, it is wonderful. Even without seeing the movie it seems to me that they are capable of transporting you to unique moments that your head can recreate in a thousand possible ways.

Up on that link that I leave you can listen to this and many other BSO.

But what about the Lion King? Fascinating, simply fascinating the power of music and the BSO.

As well, your podcast also requires a soundtrack, the production you are creating requires an atmosphere that manages to catch the listener.

And something you can do is let your head begin to create listening to the BSO that the website collects

The content is king, and the setting?

soundtracks of our livesEvery day I am clearer that the sound setting is superimportant in what we do. And we do podcast.

On many occasions I have participated in social gatherings, debates or simple talks where the content is mentioned and discussed.

However, then I look at what people recommend, in what the public values ​​very positively, and in many of them the sound setting is indispensable.

Therefore, this world of soundtracks with which I started talking to you today, I think it is very important to transfer it to our format.

We know a lot of movies in which music has put the magic that the movie was missing, or other movies where music has been the perfect complement to go down in history.

What if our podcast was adorned with that unique soundtrack?

A soundtrack that transmits and adorns our content that we think it is so good.

And I do not mean that tuning of the podcast header or by which you say goodbye, no … no …

I go a little further, that soundtrack that gives intensity to your content. Joy, sadness, passion … to appear when you really need it so that your podcast becomes what so many people would appreciate.

The soundtrack of my podcast

Well, as I told you at the beginning. I use to listen to BSO, even without watching the movie, to move me and provide me with ideas on how I could set my podcast.

One of the main objectives of the soundtracks is transmit emotions to the viewer, emotions that are accompanied by images or phrases.

In our case, we have no images, but we must convey something to those who hear us, we can convey fun, sadness, melancholy or fear for example.

If we make a scary story … will we use a ukulele? why not …

If we want to convey anguish … will we use a flamenco guitar playing a rumba? Neither…

Well then Let's give our podcast creations the music it deserves.

Bernard Herrmann, one of the greatest composers of soundtracks of the 20th century, summed up all this in one sentence.

«Music must supplant what the actors fail to say, can make their feelings understood, and must contribute what words are not able to express»

And if what you're thinking about is money, I'll give you an inspiring example, which didn't cost much money …

The whistle of the BSO "Death had a price." Is it ringing right now in your head? I would say yes …

Create your own setting

soundtrackThat's why I tell you, and I repeat again, that you look for inspiration on websites like the one I told you before, because it will possibly help you find those sounds that you can select and add to your podcast.

In the absence of money, creativity is your best ally.

This no longer happens only by listening to music and meeting famous artists or songs, no. This is about listening to songs that have been used to set movies and that now you must recreate in your head how your movie should sound, that is, your podcast.

Mix BSO, record whistles, join songs, play with music and give your production the best soundtrack that your head recreates.

And I'm going to give you a very clear, cheap, empathic and super-wonderful example.

The coffee spoons of the podcast of my dearest "We are goonies." That is your BSO. A podcast of the goonies without listening to teaspoons stirring the coffee while they speak… .it is not a podcast of the goonies, something is missing, it lacks its BSO which are the teaspoons.

What nonsense, what an asshole you may think, but no. It is a sign of identity. A seal. A sound that improves and gives soul to what you are doing.

That. Is your. Own Band. Sonora

Music is our ally

Do not forget.

It's true that maybe it's not applicable to every podcast you listen to.

Possibly this is due to the fact that many of the podcasts you listen to have a “radio” format, that is, a talk talk about a specific topic, an initial presentation and then start a debate or a recording explaining any issue that in that podcast compete.

But if you stop to think, you could find a multitude of podcast creations where an appropriate sound setting would be great.

And you know, there is a game with which I have a lot of fun with some friends, and that is to imagine movies but changing soundtracks.

Some Star Wars scene … singing the Hakuna Matata or a very funny one …, put Deep Purple's Highway Star while you recreate a Cantinflas movie in your head.

Yes, I promise you that laughs are assured.

Until next post!

The entry The best soundtracks appears first in Iván Patxi.

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