The best free tools to boost your online business

Most people who start a small or medium-sized online store do not usually have too much budget. In addition, this can disappear much sooner than expected.

It should be noted that Creating a basic online store can cost approximately twenty euros per month. However, it is most likely that the individual wants to complement it with various tools that help him or her drive it. Some of the ones available for free are mentioned below, although others can be discovered by clicking here.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing allows the entrepreneur to publicize offers and promotions to their customers, as well as other information that is of interest. Therefore, this technique makes it possible for the entrepreneur to keep in touch with his clients.

Mailchimp is a tool that allows you to carry out email marketing campaigns. Its free version includes template design, integration with Facebook, RSS-to-email and paid subscription to newsletters, among other options. In addition, it allows up to twelve thousand shipments per month and have up to two thousand subscriptions.

You can also use JangoMail, whose free plan includes reports, templates and email personalization, although it only allows you to send two hundred emails per month. On the other hand, the free iContact account gives access to all the functionalities of the paid version, but limits the number of subscribers, since the entrepreneur can only have one hundred.

The Campaigner Free tool allows you to send a maximum of five hundred emails each month, including campaign tracking, contact management, templates and email groups. Finally, the free version of Benchmark Free Edition, although it has the same functionality as payment plans, the entrepreneur will not be able to import any mailing list and will need confirmation from the user that he wishes to receive the campaigns from e-mail.

Open Source Shopping Carts

The truth is that you can find many shopping carts of this type, although not all are easy to install in e-commerce. Currently, the employer can find tools that allow him to install a shopping cart and pay a fee when a sale occurs, that is, he will not pay a monthly fee. In addition, you will not need a server to maintain the cart or much computer skills to install it.

One of the tools available is PayPal Buy Now Buttons, which offers donation, subscription and buy buttons, among others. This has become one of the easiest ways to sell online. In addition, the employer will only pay a fee in the event that the user makes a purchase using those buttons.

Vendio has a free version, although it does not offer many options, it includes the necessary components so that the entrepreneur can start selling on his website for free. On the other hand you can find Cashie, a tool that takes care of the code. The individual will only have to copy it and paste it in their online store to create a shopping cart.

Finally, Muncom allows you to create a store for free and quickly and integrate the shopping cart in the Facebook profile, although it should be noted that the entrepreneur will have to design a free store on the platform itself to get the cart.

Tools to improve SEO positioning

SEO or search engine optimization is defined as a set of actions aimed at improving the visibility of a web page to make it appear in the first search engine results. This causes the number of visitors to it to increase considerably.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the tools that allow you to improve SEO positioning. This provides similar and better keywords to those that the entrepreneur wishes to enter on his website. In addition, you can filter by language and country to see what options are available to you.

Keyword Density Analyzer is a free online service that Allows the individual to know how many keywords are on their website, which is very useful, since you have to keep in mind that the number of times the keywords appear in it is a very important factor for SEO because search engines use it to find out their subject.

Keyword Niche Finder allows you to find sets of words very similar to the most common keywords used by the competition in order to differentiate from it and Google SERP Checker allows you to enter the URL of the web and some keywords to check how the positioning of the same over time. Keep in mind that any changes made to the website can affect SEO positioning, so this tool can be of great help.

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