First, let's define billing software. It is a computer program that is designed to facilitate the issuance of invoices, although their functions go beyond, being able to keep a record of all invoices that are sent and received between a company, its suppliers and customers.

In addition, it simplifies the calculation of taxes to keep a correct accounting and includes other administrative functions that help the management of any business.

In recent years, different online software has been emerging that greatly facilitates your tasks and can be managed from multiple devices or from any place where we have an internet connection.

Some advantages of online billing are the centralization of invoices in the cloud, access to any place, agile management of budgets and customers, the automation of tasks with the possibility of saving time, being able to have statistics and reports in real time, the ease of sharing information…

We analyze different billing software and its main hallmarks.

Cloud Management

This online billing program has become the most practical solution to the management of invoices in the company, which allows us to save time and increase productivity.

It stands out for its simplicity, while it is very complete in its options, while it is constantly improving proactively because the digital world is changing very rapidly.

Among the multiple management possibilities offered by this billing software we will find: create and manage invoices, delivery notes, budgets, orders, etc., keep track of expenses, the possibility of exporting all the information in "pdf" and by having Of all the centralized data, the reports will allow us to make the best decisions in an agile way or manage information demands

The possibility of automating tasks is also contemplated in this management application, and integration with email allows us to send a budget from the same place with a single click. You can also configure user roles and this allows us to give access only to that part that interests us.

If you have physical products for sale, the application will also be of great help because you have the option of maintaining a control of the warehouse stock, or use it as a library of products or services to add to your budgets, delivery notes, invoices, etc. . and gain agility

Prices start in its "Lite" version for € 200, for initial start-up, and a fee of € 150 per year.


This is an online billing program for freelancers and companies that is very simple to use, as well as powerful in terms of its characteristics, among which we highlight the sending of budgets, the realization of sales invoices, tracking of receipts, recording of expenses newspapers, treasury management, ease of tax calculation …

You also have the possibility to have real-time information and take advantage of the graphics that make the large amount of data more bearable. In this way, they become perfect indicators for decision making.

It is designed to make management something simpler, perfect for driving in mobility while gaining efficiency and productivity.

It has a free account forever for those looking for a free billing program. And all your payment options can be tested for 30 days.


It is an online billing program that allows real-time visibility of the accounting status. It is focused on billing for companies, freelancers and consultants, allowing them to save hours per month in business management.

Among other features, it allows you to have unlimited billing, upload tickets and invoices with your mobile phone, or email, to account for expenses and even synchronize with the bank.

The automatic ticket reader system allows you to read and process invoices, purchase tickets and any other expenses so as not to have to write the data by hand with the consequent saving of time.

They have a blog with a lot of information of interest to their possible users where they deal with issues of vital importance for billing.

Another interesting aspect is that it has a section to find agencies. Starting from a search engine, we can enter the city and the postal code and show us results of its partners in the area.

This program has a free 15-day trial. and later prices starting at € 9.95 in the most economical mode.

These three billing software are just some of the most relevant on the web, and we leave many others in the pipeline: contasimple, holded, debitoor, billin … These types of programs have become an option to be taken into account by many companies and autonomous because they are economical, easy and allow you to work from anywhere.

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