The accident of Puyol Playing Paddle

The former captain of the Spanish national team and Barcelona FC, Carles Puyol, was the protagonist of an accident while playing Paddle; The incident occurred when Puyol crashed into one of the crystals at the bottom of the court, which caused several cuts in his leg and arm.

The fact was informed by Puyol himself; which did it through Instagram, when he published "Will I learn to dose someday?", accompanied by photographs with his legs and his arm full of blood as a result of the accident.

Although the glass wall was shattered and in the images you can see almost the whole bloodied leg, only suffered some minor cuts; so there was no need to regret more serious problems regarding his health.

The accident of Puyol Playing Paddle

Too much energy?

The accident occurred due to the impact of Carles Puyol's body against one of the crystals at the bottom of the track. Those of us who know this extraordinary human being know about Puyol's dedication and eagerness for sport; as it was during his time in the National Team and in Barcelona FC.

Puyol has downplayed what happened and he has taken it jokingly; It is so much that despite what happened, he posed with a smile at the thousands of comments from his family, friends and fans who asked him about his state of health.

Puyol immediately responded with a broad smile; so it can be concluded that this accident did not have great consequences, only the scare and some small cuts, otherwise everything was fine.

We can say to finish, that this spectacular accident left a fright, small cuts in the legs and an arm and a great anecdote to tell his wife and children.

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