Caudalíe is a brand of French cosmetics that was born in 1993 by the hands of a couple who discovered the nutritional and antioxidant power of the vines and grapes they produced on their land. The attention to natural ingredients and their properties included in the brand formulas quickly put it on the shelves of pharmacies and parapharmacies around the world, but the efficiency of the products Caudalíe and its number of fans that does not stop growing already begin to expand its offer for more stores.

If you sign up to try this brand, we tell you what are the 6 best Caudalie products that you cannot miss.

The best Caudalie products

Beauty Water Beauty Elixir

Beauty Water Beauty Elixir de Caudalie

Beauty Elixir is the iconic product of Caudalíe and the pioneer who put the brand under the attention of beauty experts.

Inspired by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, it is a multi-function water spray that can be used at any time to give the face a brighter, radiant appearance and eliminate the dull effect of tired skin.

Its formula is enriched with essential oils, among which rose and peppermint, and plant extracts such as grapes, orange blossom, roses, myrrh and an organic mint balm. This combination of ingredients helps minimize pores, moisturize, nourish and revitalize the skin with an immediate effect and without damaging the makeup.

It can be used as a tonic, makeup fixing spray (there is a rumor that Beyoncé uses it just for this purpose) or as a moisturizer to restore vivacity to the face.

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Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Cream

Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Cream de Caudalíe

Beauty Elixir was the first star among Caudalie products, but this moisturizer is the one that currently takes the throne as the brand's best selling and sought after product.

Non-comedogenic and vegan, this moisturizer is specially designed for the most sensitive skin with the aim of providing hydration and reactivating the skin's natural hydration mechanisms, as well as offering a soothing and refreshing effect that reduces redness.

Its formula particularly highlights organic grape water, polyphenols with antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effects, shea butter to provide deep nutrition and hydration and chamomile with a soothing and soothing effect.

It also has an aqueous gel texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin and provides an immediate cooling effect.

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Premiere Cru The Serum

Premiere Cru The Serum de Caudalíe

This serum has already passed the category of one of the best Caudalie products and has become one of the best and most sought after anti-aging serums worldwide.

The polyphenols from the grapes and which are the brand image of Caudalíe act in the prevention of the signs of aging thanks to their antioxidants.

However, this serum has many other powerful ingredients to fight aging. Its formula is enriched with resveratrol that actively stimulates the production of collagen, with the patented Vinergy complex that brings new energy to the cells and with viniferin, a vine sap extract that helps eliminate hyperpigmentation spots. It also contains hyaluronic acid to provide deeper hydration and vitamin B3 that helps reduce the visibility of the pores.

The result is a younger and smoother skin, with more firmness, elasticity and a more toned appearance.

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Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil / Oil Makeup Remover

Caudalie oil make-up remover

Among Caudalie products, oils are the ones that generate the most debate and extreme opinions, due to the unpredictability of their efficiency according to the particularities of each type of skin.

The only exception in this debate is precisely this make-up remover in oil that pleases everyone.

Its mixture of sunflower and castor oil extracts is combined and diluted with the skin's natural oils, as well as impurities and even water resistant makeup, for an efficient and gentle cleaning. It also contains sweet almond oil that brings luminosity to the face, as well as grapeseed oil, rich in antioxidants and nutritional properties.

In this way, it avoids the smooth and dry effect of many facial cleansers and leaves the skin completely clean and feeling fresh and nourished.

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Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Vinoperfect Radiance Serum de Caudalíe

Viniferin, an extract of vine sap developed and patented exclusively by Caudalíe, is the key to the success of this serum.

On average, it manages to be 62 times more efficient than vitamin C (the most common ingredient in creams to treat hyperpigmentation) in the removal of blemishes and discolorations of the skin, in addition to also offering greater protection for the prevention of other imperfections.

It is also suitable for the prevention of spots by sun exposure, aging, melasmas (masks for pregnancy) and even spots caused by acne.

With a non-comedogenic formula, without oils and very fluid and light, this serum can be used even on the most sensitive skin.

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Hand and nail cream from Caudalíe

This Caudalie hand cream is currently considered one of the best in the market

With a formula very rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, it manages to hydrate the hands and nails and prevent and combat the aging of the skin and the signs of aging.

Among its many ingredients are avocado oil (with anti-aging and nutritive properties that stimulate the absorption of the cream), shea butter (for deep nutrition and hydration), grapeseed oil and polyphenols (rich in antioxidants) and the Caudalíe Vinolevure complex (deeply nourishes and strengthens cellular health).

For its efficiency, there are experts who even consider this cream more as a treatment than as a traditional hand cream.

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The quality of Caudalie products is becoming increasingly recognized and the proof is in the increase of its offer and greater ease in acquiring them. However, the brand is not limited to stand out simply for its quality.

It is also highly valued for its commitment to formulas with a minimum of 97% of natural ingredients, for the absence of chemicals and toxic products and for its vegan philosophy and the protection of animals.

So you see that you have several reasons to try this brand and you may find in its catalog the new star of your skin care kit.

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