When talking about seers, tarot, reading the future or future, you always think of a woman with brightly colored clothes and a crystal ball in her hands. It is a stereotype created that does not match the reality of tarotistas and good seers in Madrid. The clairvoyant professionals have their extrasensory resources to provide information and guidance to their consultants, and do not require a crystal ball. Among the best we can mention Coral Molina and her team of quality seers by phone, probably the best in the capital.

How to contact the visionaries of Coral Molina?

These professionals have impeccable trajectories and unparalleled expertise, as stated by their consultants again and again in the different forums and opinion sections.

They have a website where you can find all the information about their tarot service, and information related to the world of tarot and clairvoyance. The tarotistas and good seers in Madrid of Coral Molina, can offer you the help you are looking for through their telephone tarot.

You can contact them by any of these means:

  • Coral Molina website: www.coralmolina.com
  • From Spain: +34 91 635 37 92 (VISA / PayPal)
  • From USA / Puerto Rico and Canada: 1-888-890-6762 (VISA / PayPal)

How does clairvoyance work?

Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to see beyond what the human eye can perceive. It is a skill that only some people possess, thanks to which they can perceive images related to the subject or to the people who are the object of the consultation. These images may refer to events of the past, present or future.

Clairvoyance is a skill, gift, power or gift that is implicit in the person from birth. It is something inherited and not learned. However, study and education in the world of clairvoyance and tarot have always gone hand in hand. On the one hand, natural seers since they detect their ability, begin to educate themselves to develop and control their visions. Also, some prefer to prepare to channel their visions through some instruments such as tarot, runes, pendulum, and crystal ball, among others. Although this is not necessary, it is very easy to be able to transmit the information to people who seek your help. Another aspect that these professionals are dedicated to study, is the interrelation and communication with individuals, to be able to offer their help in the best way. The field of guidance and advice is also assimilated by professional visionaries, such as Coral Molina.

There are also those people who, although they are not seers, are curious or passionate about tarot cards and learn to interpret their symbology. These people do not channel visions through the tarot, they simply perform an interpretation of the cards and in some cases they can be accurate. You must be attentive to differentiate tarotists and good seers from people who only interpret cards.

Tarot service by phone

With the passage of time and the evolution of technology, tarot services have also evolved. With the idea of ​​providing people with greater facilities, seers have devised the modality of tarot by telephone or remote tarot. This type of tarot consultation came to the market more than 20 years ago, and is still valid thanks to the great receptivity it has.

There are innumerable services that exist today, not only in Madrid but throughout Spain. Some services have great prestige and recognition, thanks to the quality of the consultation they offer, and of course thanks to the professionalism of their tarotistas and seers.

The Coral Molina service is one of the best known and one of the most requested by the public. All the women who make up the Coral Molina team are listed as tarotistas and good seers in Madrid. They are experts in card reading as well as in other mancias, and focus all their energy on offering comprehensive help. They are not content to convey what they perceive through their visions, they help you understand the meaning of what they have seen and they guide you on how to use such information for your benefit.

As a complement to their effective and accurate tarot reading, the visionaries of Coral Molina offer you other benefits. They offer you an active telephone line 24 hours a day, they provide you with different forms of payment through secure payment systems, and they offer you friendly rates as well as different offers or promotions.

Your telephone tarot consultation can be paid with your VISA, Maestro or Master credit card. You can also choose to pay with your PayPal account, or by charging the amount to your telephone service bill via hotline 806. All these payment alternatives work in a secure, confidential and transparent way for your peace of mind.

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