Take care of your dog's health at home

When we decide welcome a pet in our homeWe must be aware of all the care you need and be clear that we can face them.

From taking into account from having the necessary space for them to provide them with good food and health. These points are key to animal stability.

Adopting a pet is a great responsibility, because we are taking care of a new life, but the benefits it brings to family harmony are incalculable. It will be a companion that will brighten your home and deserves to be taken care of in the best way.

To ensure a good quality of life for our pets, it is essential take care of your health and hygiene with the necessary treatments and vaccines, controlling what you eat and preventing diseases with regular visits to the veterinarian.

These tasks are important, not only to take care of the animal, but to prevent contagious diseases that can affect any member of the family.

Take care of the dog's health and yours too

Commonly, we know people who have a special affinity for animals, and it is true that dogs are the company preferred by many families. This means that more and more people are in constant contact with animals, sharing the same family environment.

Because, caring for your dog is not only important for a quality of life optimal, but because it can negatively affect your health. Diseases of animal origin, known as zoonosis, may include the spread of parasites, fleas, rabies, the generation of flu and other conditions.

It is key to comply with the correct deworming and vaccination schedule, especially when he is a puppy. In this way, it prevents the dog from getting any disease and is a risk to the family, children or other animals.

Why is deworming important?

The deworming It is a treatment that we sometimes overlook, but that It is key to disease prevention. To prevent the appearance of internal parasites, worms, fleas and ticks, internal deworming is done, usually in the first month of the animal's life, and also external, with a monthly frequency.

All these parasites can seriously affect our pet and can also spread to us, with children in a much more risky position. That is why it is important to treat our animals using quality medications.

In that sense, we recommend you choose a brand that offers variety, such as Frontline, which has all the antiparasitic medications your pet needs.

Remember that once a year it is advisable to perform a review at the veterinarian in order to prevent diseases and control if there is any type of parasite affecting our dog, to take the necessary measures in time.

Now you know that the health of your pet is very important both for him and for the rest of your family, who may be at risk for certain diseases that are very easy to avoid; simply with proper deworming and control of the animal.

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