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Once you get pregnant the sport recommended by everyone is … swimming.

I will not be the one who removes fame from this discipline of triathlon, but we must see, what we recommend swimming …

Without getting into technique, I feel obliged to warn that there is a certain risk if you don't know how to handle yourself well in the water, that is, a minimum of technique.

However, the most frequent limit that I find, after 9 years of hobby is: I can't stand swimming.

It is curious how walks 2,3,10 kilometers without major difficulty, and we make a world swim 800 meters. And I, recognized ratchet, I wonder: why do people go swimming … without more? Why don't you ask me or ask me for my training sessions to do more than 300 meters in the water?

27 weeks pregnant I got my answer: nobody wanted to come to swim with me because they thought I was "a machine", that nothing much (of quantity), that I swam very hard (of quality) and gave them my credit. Let's see, said so lightly, okay?

Then he gave me to share my way of training: fragment the training, dose the force, dedicate a little to the technique, keep a point of maximum performance and calm down.

Basically, that is the structure of 9 years of swimming training.

And silly, silly … They told me: only with half the training I have done more than when I come to swim!

Clear! It was that … that swimming for swimming … it is a roll.

My generosity overflows with my gut of 6 months of gestation (and my tits, but they grow on their own) so today Saturday April 6, 2019, #DiaInternacionalDelDeporte, is the day I upload my 20 weeks to Ebay Swimming training

Swimming only

For quell @ s that you want to get into the water on your own with some guidance. For pregnant women who have been told until they are full that they swim, for those physical portents who are going to burst me in the water … For those who want to, this is the link to the purchase of my swimming training .

I understand that a picture is better than a thousand words. And I understand that you are not going to buy it immediately if you do not know what it is, or what there is, nor guarantee of return.

Here I leave some sessions for you to see what is inside my workouts. As is. Unmodified.

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