Sweetheart Hydrating Faces Patches by Kiko Milano

Numerous are the beauty products that you can find in chain stores Kiko Milano to be able to be radiant. However, now we want to focus on one that is getting aroused enormous interest. We are referring to the one named Sweetheart Hydrating Faces Patches.

do you want to know what is it about? We tell you then, take note:

  • Under such a singular name are some moisturizing discs They are designed exclusively to be used on the face.

  • Have heart shape, hence they can be great to use during the next date of February 14, Valentine's Day.

  • They are presented in a pack of 3 discs and these are disposable. Specifically, they are inside a bag that not only has them protected but makes it very easy for this type of item to be comfortably carried in the bag and used when necessary.

  • They allow to achieve not only that the skin of the face is well hydrated but also looks radiant and young.

  • In order to achieve these objectives, these Kiko Milano products have been made using vegetable extracts which have energy properties and also refreshing.

  • They adhere very well to the skin and you have to let them act for about 10 minutes, approximately.

  • In addition to all the indications of Sweetheart Hydrating Faces Patches we must also indicate that they are dermatologically tested.

  • In the event that you consider that you may be interested in using this product of the aforementioned cosmetic firm, you should know that each pack of three discs is for sale for a price of 2.95 euros.

How about this proposal to be radiant at any time and especially now that it is approaching on Valentine's Day?

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