Love and summer always go hand in hand. Therefore, Comedy Central presents Summer loves during thursdays 1, 8, 22 and 29 from the hot month of August, always from 22: 05h, a special formed by the best romantic comedies starring Hugh grant or Jennifer Lopez, among others. These are accompanied by a selection of performances and monologues of national comedians such as Miguel Iríbar who comment, with their unique sense of humor, how they see (and suffer) love.

Summer loves at Comedy Central

It could not be other than Hugh grant the one in charge of inaugurating this summer love special on Thursday, August 1 at 10:05 p.m. British actor stars How do you spell love? (+16) in which he plays a famous screenwriter in low hours who decides to accept a job as a writing teacher in a remote town where love will cross through. This Thursday of love affairs is completed with the issuance of a special dedicated to the love of the program of sketches of its own production Corto y Cambio in which topics such as disappointments, infidelity, psychopaths … in short, love at its best.

It happened in Manhattan

The Thursday, August 8 at 22: 05h it's time for the movie Happened in Manhattan (TP), a tape starring Jennifer Lopez in which she plays a single mother from New York who works as a cleaning worker in a luxurious Manhattan hotel. It will be there where he meets Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a young and handsome political candidate for senator. This romantic comedy is followed by love and heartbreak monologues, such as that of Toni Moog, who deals with the complicated world of follamigas, a universe full of rules and complexities.

The special continues on thursday, August 22nd at 10:05 p.m. with comedy Happiness never comes alone (TP), a French romantic comedy that tells the story of a talented untied jazz pianist who meets a woman with three children. After the film, Comedy Central finishes this Thursday by issuing one of its best monologues about love, such as Miguel Iríbar with his performance Love is the devil.

I wish it were true

The love (of this special) ends the Thursday, August 29 with the movie I wish it were true (TP). A movie in which Mark Ruffalo plays a young man who rents an apartment in San Francisco but, once installed, Elizabeth appears (Reese witherspoon), a girl who says the floor is his. And if that were not enough, it will be the monologue of Jorge Segura, Loccas del Connio about marriage and divorce, whatever the finishing touch to this Comedy Central special.

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