The Valencian test of World Padel Tour He has taken positions, and he has done so with the first pre-rounds. A test that involves a before and after on the calendar; The best paddle in the world in Valencia has generated all kinds of expectations, after all the changes of couple announced in recent days. This year, has collected 96 couples enrolled in the male category and 56 in the female category.

A pre pre that It will distribute the eight quotas for the previous phase, that already appears; and begin to define which couples continue to be able to be in the picture of this Valencia Open.

Best Paddle in the World in Valencia

What's so special about the best paddle in the world in Valencia?

This Valencia Open has many things that define it as special, such as:

The rent of Maxi and Sanyo

The last tournaments of Maxi and Sanyo They have led them to lose much of the income they had on Paquito Navarro, third in the ranking. The Sevillian along with Juan Lebrón have added more points than anyone in what we have this year, the result of his 4 titles harvested. This has led the San Luis to no longer count on Nito Brea in his team.

Mati and Stupa go for fourth place

The Argentine couple, right now in fifth position, It aims to position itself as fourth heads of series. Ahead they have the new duo formed by Juani Mieres and Miguel Lamperti. However, the difference between the two couples is 1,340 points.

The fight for female leadership

Marta Marrero returned to recover the first position of the ranking, a position that even Sweden shared with Ale Salazar. However, the difference in points between the two is minimal and there may be overtaking. For this, Salazar needs to win the test and that Marrero does not reach the final.

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