Squares in the penultimate qualifier for the Olympic National Elite – Triathlon Goal

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 10, the 4th qualifier for the Spanish Olympic Triathlon Championship of Olympic distance will be held in Taranzona (Zaragoza). It will be the penultimate train ‘to glory’, where ranking positions are very expensive.

In the male test A good number of men called to fight for the podium: Cesc Godoy, Camilo Puertas, Héctor Arevalo, Albert Parreño or the brothers Arnau and Guillem Montiel. Other great triathletes will also be in the fight for a ticket to La Coruña: David Huertas, Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, Miguel Baidal, Martín Carrera, Brothers Jaime and Alfonso Izquierdo or Joan Colino, among others.

In the women's competition more concise participation with only 16 participants, so few women will be left without a place. Marta Pintanel, of the Diabillos de Rivas, is the favorite, where everything points to a time trial from start to finish. Anna Flaquer and Irene Cabrera They are favorites on the podium.

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