Solidarity wedding report in favor of Multiple Sclerosis – Campiña Sur

A "yes, I want" of the most supportive

The natural extremeño wedding photographer of Zalamea de la Serena, Jose Luis
Gilgado, with awards such as the Wedding Awards of, which
accredited as one of the most valued wedding photographers of the year, proposes
give a full photographic wedding report to the couple that in return,
make a donation of at least € 500 for sclerosis research

With this, he intends to contribute his grain of sand and collaborate with a cause
that we are all exposed to live closely.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the Central Nervous System.
It is present worldwide and is one of the most neurological diseases
common among the population of 20 to 30 years.

It can produce symptoms such as fatigue,
lack of balance, pain, visual and cognitive disorders, speech difficulties,
tremor, etc.

The course of MS cannot be predicted, it is a disease
Whimsical that can vary greatly from one person to another. It is not contagious, nor
Hereditary, or mortal.

It affects people at the beginning of their working life, when
they are starting their vital projects, and it happens more frequently (more than double)
in women than in men.

Until now, its cause and its cure are unknown. In
Spain there are approximately 47,000 cases of multiple sclerosis, the second
cause of disability of young people in our country.

To carry out this project, you need a couple who marries between the 1st of
November 2018 and February 28, 2019.

Those interested can contact in the email: or in the
phone and whatsapp 660 158 536.

To see the work done by the photographer and the style of photography that works,
They can access the web:

or on social networks


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