Many clients contact me to ask me about the blog creation, within a web page It is a relatively simple job because the templates used for the web are also responsible for designing the blog, at least the base. But A blog is not simply a place to post articles from time to time. It's very important.

And it is something that not everyone realizes.

The purpose of a blog

When you have a blog, you know you have to write. However, most clients, individuals, writers, etc. They do not have a content plan. They write what they can think of and that's it. And they think that's the right thing.

I tell you that it is not so.

The The objective of a blog is to provide quality content that interests the readers and users of your website, a tool to achieve other objectives. If you don't, the blog tab is hardly going to be visited because there is nothing you want to read there.

And how is quality content given? Actually, there are many tips that I could give you but, perhaps the most important of all, the one that prevails over others, which would be secondary, is the CREATE A CONTENT PLAN.

The content plan of a blog

When you want a blog to be effective, you need to give it good content, but also content that is based on a plan.

To give you an example: you can't talk a summer day about the best gifts for Christmas; not the day after the tips for a good Halloween. They are contents that are not interesting at that time. Maybe you can put them a month before those celebrations, but much sooner you just give the image that you put content to put.

That is why the content plan is important, because it is a guide to know what to write at all times based on the searches of that moment, based on the doubts that customers have, the sales you have, etc. Believe it or not, all that influences knowing what to write about and also succeeding with your blog to not only provide quality content, but also to sell with your blog.

The truth is that there are not many examples of a good content plan and web administration, but if I had to quote any, it would be, They update daily the offers and discount coupons of all the stores that appear on their website and also complement that work with reviews and tips to save (through the blog, thus generating the possibility for users to search for that content to learn about tricks and product reviews).

So, what do I have to look at to create a content plan?

If I have already convinced you to create a content plan, the most important thing is:

  1. Analyze the situation. The first thing is to know the situation in which you find yourself. It is not the same to start a blog from scratch than one that has carried a bad image because the latter can be more complicated to improve it. You have to see what topics are related to your business, keywords, know the competition and what they do. With all that (and a few more things), you can develop an idea).
  2. Define your audience. It is important that you know who you are going to. It is not the same to write for children than for adults, more than anything because children may not read you and they are the parents. In every business you have a profile of a buyer, visitor, etc. What would be yours?
  3. Set a goal for each content. The contents do not always have to be on the same subject. You can put reviews, news, reviews, demonstrations, tutorials, etc. and every day you will use a type of content. That is all that can help you set a goal for each of them. For example, you can make a review article about a product; its objective? Sell ​​it What is news? Well, to inform objectively and with quality.

The Content plan is not something easy to do. But you can count on my experience to elaborate it. So if you need help do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to give you a budget and offer you my knowledge for your business.

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