With capacity for blocking elements such as cookies, ads and data collectors, this appliance security for computer networks is ready to be a device plug & play which does not require technical knowledge for its installation and administration.

Through a project of micromanagement online through the well-known platform Indiegogo, Presents itself Winston privacy, a appliance It acts as a security filter for Internet connections.

Winston comes in a box
ready for use, being an extremely easy to use device, plug & play.

Among the features it provides,
we found the data collection lock by third parties
parties that have not obtained permission to do so, the encryption of
the data to maintain confidentiality, and the monitoring of the
data traffic both incoming and outgoing.

Is appliance/ safety filter
for computer networks also takes care of block ads and pop-ups,
making it easier for the user or administrator to customize the lists of
blocking. Filter the cookies intelligently

its hardware is based on a microprocessor
Marvell Navy
64-bit ARM architecture with dual-core A53
running at 1 GHz, which adds 1 GB of DDR4 type RAM
running at 800 MHz.

Software for the filter type appliance

security appliance for computer networks

The operating system that makes it work
is GNU / Linux, on which all services are erected before
mentioned, in addition to others such as the connectivity accelerator, with which
the number of data exchanged decreases, and the performance of the
navigation. Both its installation and its management have been simplified so that
No technical knowledge is required.

It has dimensions of 117x117x24.8 mm
and is equipped with two Ethernet connectors, one where the WAN signal enters,
and another for which the signal for the LAN goes. Thus, one winston gives
service to a number, in principle, unlimited devices
both to computers and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), as well
like appliances from home like Amazon's smart assistants or

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