With a storage capacity that can reach 61 TB and a speed of up to 4.25 Gbaud, this data recorder rugerized It is delivered in a sealed chassis that allows it to withstand extreme conditions, typical of military applications.

The American Pentek announces the expansion of its family of data recorders Heel with the addition of the model RTX 2596, which has been designed for use in demanding environments such as military applications.

It's like
rest of the series, an engraver high performance and high
that comes in a small form factor (SFF), which has the ability to record and play
four streams of data from as many sFPDP (Serial Front Panel Data

Is totally
drop-down, and suitable for capturing data from
radar systems and downconverters radio frequency using the digitized sensor, which use the lightweight protocol sFPDP VITA 17.1whose implementation is
complete, thereby providing standard functionalities such as the control of
flow, copy mode /loop, or correction of CRC errors.

Offer support
for speeds up to 4.25 Gbaud, having options for multimodal optical interfaces or single-mode. It can accommodate up to 61
Terabytes of storage in SSD format.

Besides the
recording capacity, the Talon RTX 2596 also has the ability to
reproduction, allowing to use said data recorder system rugerized both as a receiver, as a transmitter.

Other details
in the rugerized data recorder

Rugerized data recorder

Its weight is of
just over 8 kilos, and has been designed to facilitate its operation in environments
extremes, complying with the specifications of the standards MIL-STD 810 and 461, which allows to ensure
to Pentek that these devices can be used in aircraft, both
manned as unmanned (drones or UAV), or in ships. They are resistant
to the usual vibrations in such environments.

In this way, its chassis keeps all electronic devices sealed with respect to the external environment, using standard circular I / O connectors of the military environment to control radio frequency emissions while protecting the recorder from moisture, dust, or salt, among others. elements.

Also allows
remove excess temperature thanks to an air-cooled chamber,
having a removable fan controlled by means of a thermostat.
This fan is the only element exposed to the outside environment.

Besides, the
Internal air chamber can be replaced by other options of
refrigeration, such as liquid or conduction refrigeration.

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