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These are some simple rituals that I propose for each time of the year, I hope you like them.


Spring rituals

Station that makes us reborn, the sun is seen more, we enjoy its warm rays, and flowers begin to bloom, everything is colored and joy floods every corner. I leave you some rituals to be able to shine also as the most beautiful of flowers.

Love: Put 6 red rose petals under your pillow on a paper napkin for 8 days in a row and light a red candle the first day and the eighth. It starts on Friday.

Health: Start on a Wednesday, and place a green candle to the Archangel Saint Raphael, so that the health may accompany you all season, even if you are not a believer the angels are not of any religion, you must know that their energy will protect you no matter what religion whether or not you believe in any.

Protection: To clean your house of energies and renovate the environments at all levels.Place 3 handfuls of fat salt in the mop bucket, and do it from the innermost room of the house to the outermost, also includes the entrance of the door of your house, where we normally put the doormat. Once this is done, throw the water into the sewer of the street, if it is not possible, throw it into the toilet and then throw a handful of salt and pull the chain.

Abundance: Prepare a bowl of abundance, any small glass or small box you have at home, preferably round, light a stick of incense that you like, and put in it, rice kernels, lentils, bay leaves, and 7 Current currencies, place it at the entrance of your house, near the door of the street.

Social relationships: For a dinner with friends or business, light a pink candle, and spray your body with rose water, ready to succeed, you will see that it will be a fun and unforgettable night.

Work: When you are looking for work, place a yellow bow, with 3 knots in your left pocket, and trust. You will see how soon you find that long-awaited work.

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Summer rituals

Summer is here, the nights are eternal to enjoy, with friends, family, or couple, time to relax, and to take advantage of those good things that life offers us, time to enjoy that stop of routines and deserved vacations after of a long winter We renew energies, we bathe in the marvelous sea or we walk in the mountains, we approach Mother Nature, who awaits us with open arms to discover her sensations.

Love: Put a few drops of patchouli essence inside your wrists, with a pinch of cinnamon, it is infallible for summer nights and good love relationships.
Health: Store some apple seeds in a cloth bag, and put it in your bag, you will see how you feel energetic and want to do new things.

Protection: Place a black Tourmaline, near the door of your house, this stone has the quality of trapping all the negativity that comes in, cleaning it with salt, once a month.

Abundance: Buy a plant of money and put a legal tender in the land, if possible one of 50 cents. You will see how your abundance multiplies.

Relations Social: Keep 5 leaves of peppermint in a tissue, and put it in your bag every time you have a meeting, it will give you freshness and temperance to be the most successful.

Work: Put a sack of fat salt in your bag, if you see that at work, there are people who do not treat you as you deserve. Salt cleans all negative energies.


autumn rituals

Autumn arrives, and with it it is time to harvest crops, those fruits that we have worked with so much effort for long periods, the field is dressed in ocher colors, and in the forests and parks the leaves play with the wind, we enjoy a moment of tranquility and calm, to resume the routine in our lives, winter will soon come and we must prepare for the coldest season of the year.

Love: Light a honey candle on Fridays, to sweeten your love relationships, put a picture of your partner and yours next to the candle.

Health: With the humidity of autumn, the bones will be resistant, put an almond with a shell in your left pocket for 21 days, if you change your outfit take the almond with you.

Protection: Put a handful of salt in the corners of your house, from the door of the street to the furthest point of it, a handful per room or stay, leave it for 7 days, then sweep normally, this will drive away bad energy, and It will clean your home.

Abundance: To attract money in this new season, get a small magnet, and place it in your purse.

Social relationships: When you have an important meeting, wear something red as a garment, even if it is not seen, you will have the magnetism necessary to successfully exit the meeting.

Work: When facing a new job interview, wear a light or preferably white garment, so this color will provide you with virtue, honesty, and clarity at the time of the interview and to defend your interests.

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Winter rituals

In this new stage of the year, everything becomes more gray, the days are shorter, it is cold, and we do not want to even leave the house, here we must strengthen our immune system with good homemade broths, vegetables that brings us That extra force that we need and comfort us, let's go into the winter and the subtlety of its time where everything seems inert and even the animals doze to let time pass until spring.

Love: We are governed by Valentine, in the month of February, light two red candles and a rose so that everything works perfectly with your partner, if you wish you can buy red roses and offer Valentine's Day, to protect your love.

Health: In crescent moon, burn, rosemary, thyme, and bay leaf, and ask the archangel Saint Raphael for the health of all your loved ones.

Protection: To clean yourself of bad energies, clean yourself with fat salt when you shower, as a scrub, start at the head and end at the feet, never the other way around, once this is done soaping up normally. It is very effective.

Abundance: Place, a citrine stone and a few drops of patchouli essence, in your savings bank, you will see how your money is multiplying.

Relations Social: For an event or a meeting, draw a heart on the sole of the shoe you are going to wear, you will succeed for sure and you will be seen as a fantastic hostess.

Work: To keep an annoying partner away from work, put a bag with parsley in your bag, you'll see that it doesn't bother you anymore.

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