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Homemade desserts and snacks in which condensed milk is the protagonist to sweeten the day

The condensed milk it was taken by grandparents and parents at their breakfasts and snacks with a piece of bread. It is currently used more in the cake shop to make desserts and have that characteristic sweet taste. Milkcondensada.info list some of the easier recipes To do with this delicious delicacy:

Condensed Milk Sponge Cake: you only need to mix the beaten eggs with the flour and the condensed milk in a bowl to create a cream that will then be poured into a mold and then put it in the microwave at 180ΒΊ for 35 minutes.

Condensed milk ice cream: This is the simplest recipe of all, since it is not required to use the oven or the kitchen at all. Here you can choose any fruit to the taste of the consumer, usually they are strawberries, raspberries, vanilla or lemon. You can experiment with different flavors. These fruits are crushed into small pieces with a teaspoon of sugar and a touch of lemon. Then everything is mixed with the condensed milk and once mixed they are poured into the ice cream pole containers. When it is frozen, it will be time to enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream.

Condensed Milk Flan: This is another typical and very simple recipe to make. For this recipe you will need at least 5 eggs, all depending on the amount you want to make, half a liter of whole milk and a small can of condensed milk. Before introducing the flan dough into the bowl, the caramel with sugar and a touch of water and lemon will be prepared to give it a special flavor. Pouring sugar first and then the flan dough in a bowl, it is introduced into the oven and cooked at 200ΒΊ with an aluminum foil on top for 50-60min.

These recipes are very simple to prepare with basic things that are at home and adding the touch of condensed milk will come out delicious desserts To enjoy with family and friends.

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