Red alert in Santa Cruz for forest fires

Fire and destruction

The Government of Santa Cruz declared a red alert due to the forest fires that plague that region located in eastern Bolivia. There are at least 12 municipalities with more probability of being a focus of fires of magnitude.

In the first week of this month alone, the authorities registered 2,351 fires, unlike in the past, when there were 2,858 in all of August, the Interior Secretary of the Interior, Cinthia Asín reported.

The official explained that the municipalities of San José de Chiquitos, Roboré, San Rafael, San Miguel, San Ignacio, San Matías, Concepción, Puerto Suárez, Pailón, Cuatro Cañadas, Charagua and San Julián are the most vulnerable.

The Deputy Minister of Civil Defense, Óscar Cabrera, informed this media that one of the places with the most fire damage is the Laguna Concepción Protected Area, located in the municipalities of Pailón and San José de Chiquitos. The fire, according to the investigations, began on Monday and works to control it.

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