The Orange season 7 is the New Black it deserves to be seen in marathon, as it has been in my case, in honor of having been the fiction that coined the concept of series marathon (legally, at least).

Do not forget that it was the Netflix winning horse. Back in 2012, when series marathons only existed illegally and the analog system only allowed us to see a weekly or daily chapter.

A wild animal that has been locked up against his will will hardly survive a new release, but that does not mean he should not try.

Orange is the New Black Season 7 trailer

That's what this series is about and that's what season 7 is about. Orange is the New Black played it. It was the bet of the platform in terms of consuming all the content at once. And wow it worked. In this case, a chicken, ironically, of golden eggs that goes with its head high.

A final season that shows that has never stopped being a series reality mirror. In a 2019 marked by the #MeToo and the migration crisis

The product is examined in such matters, emphasizing precisely a washing of face to the American educational and cultural system. With a nod to the bisexuality of Piper Chapman that is intuited little or nothing random.

A pretty choral season in which, in a desire to finish the arc of transformation of some of the characters, others are left in the inkwell. Naturally, there could be no room for everyone in the outcome.

More dramatic than others, for the obvious reasons of farewell, which does not conflict with comedy and acid humor than fiction. He has always maintained it over the years. Interesting also the introduction of the Arab world hitherto unknown within the multiculturalism characteristic of the series.

Again, a representation of society in a space as unworthy, but as human as prison can be. A place where None of the characters are their own. Workers included And in which it is demonstrated once again that each person seeks their own way of being in the world, even if it means crashing in the attempt.

Without as many devices as in the rest of the seasons, the newest characters give way to some of the classics to give them their end, which does not necessarily have to be an end.

Orange Forever poster, the last season of Orange is the New Black

Orange Forever poster, the last season of Orange is the New Black

Season collective and grateful, since in addition to the poster being a metaphor, a sketch of the most characteristic features of the protagonists who have accompanied us during these years, with their defects and their virtues, it is also a gift to fandom.

The design is based on fan arts of the community that has followed the series and the poster is a nod to them, who in part have been responsible for the success of Orange is the New Black.

A series that, like its protagonists, has had to survive the changes, the new (audiovisual) norms and the era of the extreme competition between platforms but that has still been able to reinvent itself and put an end before burning the product.

Nor should we forget that Orange is the New Black is credited with being the first series to have a cast formed almost entirely by strong and self-sufficient women, of various races and sexual orientations.

Taylor Schilling speech at the 23rd Annual SAG Awards (2017)

In addition, unlike what is usually expected of American culture, little stained by the clichés prevailing in society. A model that served as an example in other fictions such as Vis to Vis or Wentworth.

The real drama comes to know that there will be no more. The emotion, knowing that they have made history. "Thank you for your service" even if that doesn't really guarantee anything.

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