Supporting speeds of up to 400 Gbps, the new QSFP-DD cable connectors and assemblies for data centers facilitate system updates.

TE Connectivity introduces its new connectors, boxes and cable assemblies Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD), which meet the requirements of next generation data centers by increasing density through a format QSFP which reaches speeds of up to 400 Gbps.

This eight-lane solution has been
designed to work with protocols 28G
NRZ and 56G PAM-4
, being expected to support 112G PAM-4 for future system updates.

Unlike other 400G solutions of the
market, QSFP-DD products are compatible with previous systems and, by
so much support updates
from current QSFP design

QSFP-DD cable assemblies for data centers

The new connectors and assemblies of
TE QSFP-DD cable take advantage of fin heat dissipation technology
zipper type and so they can perform in applications 15-18 W.

In addition, TE offers an extensive QSFP-DD catalog that includes 1 × 1 to 1 × 6 boxes and surface mount connectors (SMT) with a pitch of 0.8 mm, along with various lengths and sizes of passive copper cable assemblies straight Y breakout.

For ease of use, the manufacturer can also supply specific designs with different heat sinks and cable assemblies to meet the needs of each project.

"As the world is moving towards next-generation connectivity in data center equipment, designers require new connection solutions and cable assemblies to meet this challenge," he says. Zach Galbraith, product manager from TE Connectivity. “We are very pleased to be one of the first manufacturers to provide QSFP-DD products, allowing data ratios of 400 Gbps in a single port and providing greater flexibility for end users, platform designers and system integrators"

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