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According to an analyst JP Morgan's words to Marketwatch, Apple would change the way you launch the new iPhone models by 2021, this after having said that in 2020 four iPhone models will be presented.

A new strategy

The analyst suggests that Apple is planning a change of strategy for the releases of their devices. In 2021 the company would perform two events in which you would show your new products separately. In the first half of the year, between March and June, the complementary iPhone would be launched, which have distinctions such as price, colors, etc. And in the second half of the year, as it has been doing in September, the most emblematic iPhone would be shown.

JP Morgan says that this plan would serve a lot to the company and could "help you compete better" with the presentation of phones. Well, since 2011 that Apple has presented its new models in the fall, but with this plan it would be staggered just as Samsung does, so it would achieve give relevance to each of your new products.

iPhone keynote costs 2019

Also this would help sales Apple, because the company is currently going through two moments of great pay; during the important dates for the market and later, in the second half of the year with the launch of the new products. By advancing some of your transcendental sales earnings would be less volatile, would limit the false steps of the products by modifying the designs based on the market acceptance response and would counter popularity of rivals who present phones all year.

This would also involve the implementation and presentation of new technologies and features on the phones, adding value to each of the devices, in addition to being able to cover the different market needs creating a new cycle for the acceleration of replacement need in users.

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